mf_siriOnce again the “Freak of the Month” is upon us. If you aren’t familiar with this part of my blog I give love to people I think are interesting in the industry. Not because they are cute, sexy, or your typical male reasons. I pick these women based on things that stand out. Women that are what I feel are powerful, risk-takers, and ambitious. You might think there are many but if I run out of Freaks of the Month you will know why.

Let’s get to the matter at hand with all things Siri. I must say when I first came across Siri it was thru Twitter. What I saw was that pink hair, a great smile and A WOMAN. The reason why I say a WOMAN is because Siri has a body of one. Personally, I am a man that loves a real woman’s body. That entitles a woman that embraces what god gave her. Another thing that stood out to me was Siri’s curves. My god does this woman have some curves. LLLLAAAAWWWDDDDDD!!!!! (A black mans version of saying LORD for all you special people)

I tend to read what people have to say on Twitter to see if their message is positive or interesting. If you know Siri, she’s a woman that spread positivity. I can enjoy something like that and encourage up and coming starlets to do the same. Of course it’s your twitter but people respond better to positive things rather negativity. I learned that and I try to do that myself. Another thing about Siri is she has all the best apps. Tonight I saw her post something about buying her a drink. I looked at the app and you can actually buy a drink for her while she was at the bar. WTF!?! She can get away with something like that…if it were me people would be sending me water. WACK! Hahahaha

Siri is all about growth and has created a lane of her own by just handling business like you are suppose to do in this industry. When you look at her twitter feed you will always see cool pictures that are frequent. This is Siri taking advantage of the industry in a positive way. I’m always hearing about her shooting content for her site. I have girls always asking for suggestions and when you look at it, it’s basic. Take some time to invest in yourself. You can’t give everything to others and Siri is a perfect example of that. I can’t say enough about how much work she puts in and I’m sure the profit is great.

When Siri shot for Curvy Girls she was hands on. What I mean by that is she cared about whom she performed with, she cared about what pictures where going to make her look best, and she wanted to know things that girls really don’t pay attention to. With me meeting Siri for the first time I really didn’t know what to expect. I was told she was very demanding and very particular. I was also told to proceed cautiously. Now that didn’t scare me. One thing about me is I love a woman that cares about how she’s presented in this business. Remember this is a business. So once I had the pleasure of meeting Siri she was the opposite of what I was told. I feel the person that forewarned me of her couldn’t handle a woman with a strong personality. His lost not mine. Lol.

After our scene for Curvy Girls Siri told me she had a great time. I responded with telling her how much of an enjoyment it was to have her on set. I asked Siri if she was interested in taking pictures for her website no charge and she obliged. Now keep in mind most girls say that want to go out to take pictures but most of them don’t want to do anything that’s not making them money right away. A week later we were on the beach taking pictures in Malibu. I laughed because it took me about 15 mins to try to direct her to where I was and eventually had to go find her. Once we met up she was pleased with the location. If Siri was happy I was happy…however I was nervous as hell. Tori gave me an encouraging prep talk and it helped right away. (Thanks Baby)

Siri was like a kid looking around this exclusive part of the beach. I felt like a tour guide in a way. All of a sudden Siri spots a dead bird and that had her attention for about five minutes. She even had me take a damn picture of the bird. Bird couldn’t even rest in peace because Siri thought it was cool. I’m sure the bird was like, “I’m dead muthafuckia, keep it movin, is that a camera? Ah hell nah!” Hahahaha. Once we got to where we were going to take pictures, I knew it was going to be a great day. After about 90 minutes a great day is exactly what it was. We spent time talking about the business and relationships. We also laughed about how people can be so damn dumb with the comments they make. However Siri has a gift and I know something special is going to come from her dedication and hard work. The most exciting part of the day was her agreeing to do another set with me. This one will be MIMEFREAK style so you know it will be dope.

Siri is special due to the basic things girls need to do with their careers. Siri took notes and then she took charge. It’s funny how girls that have been in the business many years aren’t able to do what she’s already doing. I could continue this blog for another page or so talking about this woman but all I will tell you is Keep Watching Siri…She A Freak!!!!