I think it’s a no brainer but to have Maddy O’Reilly as freak of the month for this month. I mean this girl is a pure freak. Truth be told I don’t think I have met a freak like her. Personal conversations that we shared give me the feeling that the best is yet to come from this woman. I wish I could share some of these ideas and fantasies Maddy has shared with me but that would go against our friendship.

If one were to see Maddy on the street you wouldn’t think this woman would be into the things that she is into. Maddy gives off the perfect church girl persona that could fool a priest. I’m sure the people she went to church with are praying for her as we speak. Then again I know there are some of those same people are praying that she gives them a taste of her freaky communion.

Directing Slutwoman with Maddy gave me a front row seat of just how her mind works and what makes her tick. I can honestly say if I were to shoot all of the stuff she wanted I would probably be facing a judge in federal court. Maddy is a wild one. When she would give me a glimpse of her world I would politely smile and shake my head thinking to myself what a damn freak this girl is.

I had a few fans tell me the look that Maddy possess makes them want to do dirty things to themselves. I find that a very remarkable trait to have. Taking pictures of her I would say she eats at your soul through a lens. The best part of it is, Maddy has that same effect in person. Maddy will challenge anyone to step into another realm of erotica. Just when you thought you got it right she will look at you with a crooked smile and kindly explain to you that it wasn’t good enough. I don’t think there is a limit to her freakiness.

As stubborn as this girl is I must say anyone with an assumption of her being a sub must not be fooled. I believe that Maddy tends to play to peoples assumptions with a hidden agenda. Maddy is more then what people expect and I enjoy to see her in action. From the moment I first shot her until directing her in slutwoman I have learned more and more from this freak of nature. Maddy gives off an addicting vibe that will hook anyone who is vulnerable to her essence.

I expect huge things from Maddy this year and beyond. Maddy is gearing herself to bring something new to the industry. The true question is will it be shown and or allowed for the fans to see? Time will reveal what Maddy has in store. I salute this freak on what she brings to the industry. It was a pleasure to be by her side during the process of creating SLutWoman…I hope I will get a chance to direct Maddy O’reilly is Slutwoman II