When I first met Bonnie I was moved by her presence. I remember it being a day where we really didn’t want to shoot due to Jaysin and myself shooting four days in a row. So this day we were praying it go as smooth as possible. I had seen numerous of pictures of Bonnie but never had the pleasure of meeting her. It’s hard to judge a woman by her pictures, however Bonnie is a Bad Ass Bitch just like her pictures display.

I arrived to set to see Bonnie getting her makeup done with her music playing. I didn’t expect her to be a fan of Hip Hop. I asked her, “What you know about Young Jeezy?” She replied, “What you know about Young Jeezy?” I laughed because I knew she had that fire I assumed she had. We talked about today’s music and how much bullshit gets attention and we also agreed Young Jeezy’s earlier music was better then it is now. After getting her make up done Jada Stevens was next up in the makeup chair. Now we all know that’s my homie and I always make fun of her while she’s getting her makeup done. This time was different…Bonnie was heading outside and she asked me to join her.

Still listening to music we sat halfway in my trunk continuing to talk about music as she blazed a fat ass blunt. Bonnie was in a league of her own. I was laughing to myself because I barely knew this girl and we were sitting close. Usually you don’t sit too close to someone you don’t know too well. Bonnie then attempted to pass me the blunt. I respectfully declined due to me not wanting to be high at work. Especially if a cream scene between her and Jada were about to take place. I wanted to make sure I was fully aware of what was going on.

I spoke with Bonnie about why she got into the business. I found her story very interesting. When you see Bonnie in person you don’t think she’s a porn star. One would think she’s a badass chick that probably works at a tattoo shop or some upscale clothing store. Don’t ask me why, it’s just what I see. However I wouldn’t want to be a customer that thought her clothes weren’t cool. Bonnie would probably kick you out of the store and tell you the clothes were too good for you anyway. Hahaha. It was time to begin our shoot and right when things were set and ready to go “The Police” showed up…! This is how cool I knew Bonnie was. Being high she kept her cool and made sure the police knew who she was. That spunk didn’t go away. I myself was sitting off to the side looking at Jada laughin my ass off. Thank god nothing came about.

Since that day Bonnie and I have remained in constant communication. The mutual respect between Bonnie and I goes further then just porn and good music. I embraced her as a sister and sitting in the trunk of my car she spoke of what she planned on doing. Bonnie didn’t talk about being POTY but in my thoughts I knew she was going to be something special. Bonnie has a drive to succeed and that’s the Taurus in her. I can relate to this because I’m a Taurus as well. Our conversations were also about being different, relationships, and working hard. The drive we have is something that can piss the most focused person off.

I like Bonnie’s style. I remember her talking about a certain bitch (I won’t mention her by name…Sorry) that was trying to copy her style. While that same bitch is popular it seems like her growth is slowing due to the emergence of Bonnie. I’m sure it leaves a Rotten taste in her mouth and I’m sure with Bonnie’s success she will start to try even harder to be mentioned along side of her. Another reason why Bonnie is so special is she’s able to do what not a lot of females in this industry can. Bonnie took her company and is in the process of making it a force to be reckoned with. Too many girls have come in the industry and not capitalized off their success. Bonnie told me that she was going to go and make a lane of her own. The first day I met her she said just that. I gave her some advice on what I would do if I were her and to see some of what I told her become reality I sit back and smile like a proud brother.

Bonnie will continue to make headlines in this industry. I have high expectations of Bonnie. Winning POTY is just a stepping-stone of what’s to come in the near future. Bonnie will take this industry by storm, hopefully while she’s kicking ass and taking names I will continue to be an ally of hers. Lastly, I would like to “Thank” Bonnie for being a perfect example of what you should do when it comes to being a female in this male dominate industry. Bonnie does things her way and when Bonnie doesn’t have her way, Bonnie Makes A Way…All I can say about that is, “Get the Fucc Out The Way Or Get Ran Over!!!” #Salute