I met Chastity Lynn in 2009. This baby face chick was very shy and was brand new to the industry. The first thing that impressed me about Chastity was a second language that she speaks. Japanese. Chastity said something in Japanese and I was floored. Now she could’ve said something totally inappropriate and I thought it was awesome.

Watching chastity perform was something that caught my eye as well. You get a few girls that are really into what they are doing and beg for more but you really can’t indulge in their request. Chastity came to me after her shoot and asked me for some direction for her career. I sat with Chastity and I had her explain to me what she was into. By the time we finished our conversation my socks were blown off. I thought she was lying initially. But man did she prove me wrong.

I gave Chastity a bunch of toys that she could practice anal with. I didn’t think she could handle the toys that I gave her but it wasn’t long until she called me saying that she was ready. I spoke with Jaysin about this new starlet I found that was geared and ready to go. It took about three months for me to give chastity her shot with Jay. After he shot her he was just as impressed as I was with her skills.

From the moment she shot with Jay, chastity dove deeper into anal play. She was always taking the initiative to challenge herself with bigger, fatter, and longer anal toys. I have never seen someone really go as far as she’s done in the amount of time she did. It’s a shame that I feel her career didn’t take off the way it should’ve. When you hire a chick like Chastity Lynn you have someone that’s there to get the job done with giving a little bit more every time. Chastity is currently doing other things with her career outside of the industry.

I really hope I will get the chance to shoot Chastity in a future project. There’s so much left that I know she could do. I speak with her often and our friendship hasn’t changed since porn is not her main agenda. Chastity will forever be one of the girls that slipped thru the cracks of the industry. If you aren’t familiar with her work please go out and look at what incredible things she’s done.