I would like to apologize for missing out on a freak of the month for July. I wanted to take some time to spend with my loved ones for the summer. Yea I could’ve wrote something and posted it when the time came but I just needed a break from writing as well. Now that we are back on…Let’s get this party started!!!

About a year ago I didn’t know who Penny Pax was. It wasn’t until Jaysin hired her that I was introduced to her. From jump street there was this energy that came from this woman. I remember her being very soft spoken. Even though I got a shy side from her, there was something about her vibe she gave off that made you want to talk to her.

I recall us talking about food and world events. I took notice immediately that Penny knows a thing or two about topics that aren’t the norm. Penny warmed up to my jokes with assistance from the makeup artist. Penny was warned that I sometimes say shit from out of left field, and not to be startled. Penny smiled and said, “I think I can handle him!”

I didn’t even get to see Penny perform before I told her that I wanted to hire her for Anal Freak. Penny could’ve performed like a billy goat but I had to put her in my next movie. Once I saw Penny get in the groove I knew I was right about her. Penny’s head game was off the chain. Once I saw Penny’s GAPE….HOLY SHIT BALLS…! Due to the nature of Elegant’s movies I couldn’t showcase that gape in Anal Freak.

When Penny worked for me she brought me cookies because I gave her the talent that she wanted without booking him any prior scenes. I thought that was a very nice gesture and it allowed me to know Penny’s true character. Do for Penny and Penny will do for you…not like that you FREAK.

I recently hired Penny again for Pretty Petite. I experienced a feisty side of Penny. There’s been a change and I like it. I guess since Penny has gotten used to me she feels comfortable to talk to me about different things then she normally would. Before writing this blog I called Penny to tell her exactly how I felt about her being Freak of the Month.

Before I end this I would like to thank Penny for being a class act. You are more deserving then what you have received from our industry and I wish you the best. I look forward to hiring you again in the near future. You are superior and I think you have one of the best looking vaginas in the industry. And no, I don’t say that to everyone on set!!! Hahaha…