There’s nothing like having a freak in your inner circle. I met Tori Avano thru twitter. Tori actually found me surprisingly. Once I scanned her twitter pictures I knew there was something very cool about this chick. I mean besides resembling a chick I grew up with, there was something that called out to me.

Upon speaking with Tori Avano we connected immediately.  Not only is this chick attractive she’s funny as hell. If you were to hear our phone conversations you would think we are crazy. Actually we are crazy but I’m talking about a different type of crazy. Hahaha. At the time speaking to Tori Avano, she didn’t have an agent. I recommended her to go and find one because she should be available to everyone. Before going to see Sandra at OC Models I actually had her come meet Jim Crawford to see if he saw the same spark I did in Tori.

At this moment in time I still feel that Tori Avano is underrated. Tori’s sex drive is wild. I shot her for a blowjob scene and I was impressed how this woman was gobbling and swobbling this dudes cock. Tori was very active during Jaysin’s strap-on scene featuring Phoenix Marie and Jayden Lee. I’m glad that some of the best directors have given her a chance to display what Tori can do. In the words of DarkFalcon, Tori is an “Anal Warrior”.

As Tori is one of my generals in the Freaky Crew, she is also the co-host of the Freaky Crew Podcast as well. I can’t wait until you are able to see her in Anal Freak II. Tori‘s paired up with Mr. Pete and the scene is fire-works. I must admit I didn’t think that she could move like she did during the strip tease. I guess you all will have to wait until the movie is released to see what I’m talking about! I hope Tori continue to impress other directors the same way she has impressed myself. If given the chance I feel Tori Avano could give any chick a run for their money.

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