2015 is here and looking forward I really want to channel a darker side of pornography. I stuck my neck out with doing Anal Warriors the way I did. To be honest with you I really didn’t think this movie was going to do as well as it did. I’m a firm believer in if you don’t challenge yourself you will never grow.

Anal Warriors wasn’t your typical adult film. From the way Dahlia Skye was dressed on the box-cover, I eliminated all the slow dancing teases, and I filmed all the scenes at night. For most directors they would’ve looked at this movie as a recipe for disaster. The greatest thing with being with ArchAngel is we are doing things “OUR WAY.”

So with Anal Warriors being a success I feel I will cater towards a more dark feel in the immediate future. Also when you look at the way we just presented the #NinaElleIsTheArchAngel box-cover and the positive feedback we have received is a true testament of what I should be doing. I was always told film what you are into. I will take this advice to another level.

You have so many directors filming the pretty shit with the slow teases. Everyone is so repetitive and I don’t want to join the party. I want to create my own party and have people join mine. This is where I challenge myself to do something different without trying to reinvent the wheel. So you can enjoy your slow teases with the pretty backgrounds and smiley faces. I want the grunge look with the smiles wiped off, and the sex hardcore to the max.

I don’t want to shoot the pretty girls that are too caught up in their own light. I’m going to start catering to the filthy girls that are underrated and under appreciated. I want the Tori Avano’s, Penny Pax’s, Veruca James, Katrina Jade’s, Karmen Karma’s, Violet Monroe’s, Casey Calvert’s and any other chick that’s deemed too pretty to be mainstream. (Not saying these girls aren’t beautiful) I’m tired of the run of the mill type chicks that are crowding this industry with a pretty face and no true talent to follow behind it.

“The Red Angel” will be the first movie I will give in this new light. This chick is nothing short of a pig. (I mean this in the most respectful way of course) But, I have been watching her for a while and it’s a damn shame nobody has brought her forward to give her the light that she deserves. There are only a few girls that are like her and I will show what they have been missing. I will be serving this movie with a dish that will be colder then the revenge I plot on those who told me I couldn’t do what I’m doing now. I will still occasionally hit you with the normal stuff but please beware of what’s coming.