I was looking at the cast from Anal Freak I to figure out whom I couldn’t use for this edition. I must say I was pretty impressed with the line up from the first movie if I must say so myself. lol. Of course there was the thought of, “I wonder if I can book her again?” So I brought my concern up with Los Dee and he said I don’t see why not. I gave him a devilish grim and told him I will be booking Dahlia Sky. This time the scene will feature a DP.

Technically Bailey Blue performed in Anal Freak I and not Dahlia Sky. I mean it’s porn and we can do what the fuck we want right? Well…to an extent we can. However there was an interior motive of why I was bringing her back. I wanted to show my support in helping Dahlia gain some attention back. After changing her name due to a legal matter, it was like the industry forgot about her. I wanted to remind the fans that this stud bitch is still around and that her name change shouldn’t matter.

Immediately upon talking to dahlia about my plans she agreed to do the scene. I also told her why I was bringing her back and what the goal was. As you all may know I love to help people when I can. So if booking Dahlia for a DP would gain attention to her new name, so be it. Karlo and Ramon where hired to unleash their fury on Dahlia. I also instructed them to Fuck. Her. Up. I tend to give the girls permission to instruct how they want to be fucked, but Dahlia didn’t have a choice in the matter this go round. And to be honest that’s exactly what happened in this scene. At the end of the scene you will see how drenched she is from the thrashing she took. I hope you enjoy this scene as much as I did.

PS. You will be seeing her again soon. Hahahahaha…To Be Continued.

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