I originally wanted to book Jada for Anal Freak I. At the time of that movie I knew I was going to get her to do a scene for Up That White Ass 4, so I thought to myself, “why not cast her for Anal Freak II”? Of course the fans would’ve enjoyed this but I like to save something for later. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket…Well if your smart you wouldn’t.

So when the idea of shooting another Anal Freak presented itself I knew I wanted to shoot Jada and put her on the box. With what’s going on with Elegant I had to have a homerun or at least a RBI to carry on what I’ve been doing with the company. I mean when you think about it, my last movie was “Pretty Petite”, how can you beat that? I knew I had to come with something special. Then I knew putting her on the cover would drive fans nuts as they always do when it comes to Jada.

Once I presented my plan to Jada she accepted my offer right away. Having Jada a part of any project is like second to none. Jada is a friend of mine so we always enjoy conversations and jokes of what’s going on at the pink pony. At the same time when I explain how things are going to be done and share my vision with Jada she listens. Oh and don’t get me wrong, Jada has a feisty side that I have to deal with every now and then. But the most part she’s peaches and cream…Georgia peach that is.

I casted Jada with Karlo for this scene. I know most of the fans want to see another round with Prince but this is not an IR movie. Karlo is a solid performer and always gives me what I need. There’s nothing like telling a performer that Jada is going to be the girl they are working with. That always comes with excitement. This scene was very pleasing to the eye. It flowed smooth and I think everyone will enjoy another anal pounding from Jada and Karlo. But don’t trust my word for it…Let me know what you think when the time comes.

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