So as you all know Violet Monroe was almost casted in pretty petite. At that moment I knew how in demand this chick is. I remember watching violet being shot by jaysin four years ago. I knew she was a freak, an anal freak. I automatically knew if I had a chance to book this movie she would be in it.

I can honestly call violet a friend. There are many things that we speak about and doing things with freaky grrls are always a subject matter with her. Violet has even recommended other starlets to shoot. I’m surprised that how underrated violet is. I really don’t know why other directors don’t shoot her.

For This scene violet is paired up with manuel. They have never performed together so I know we would all be in for a treat. I enjoy serving woman to manuel. It’s like he’s this sexual lion and I’m feeding him sheep. Girls are always happy when they have the manuel experience. Just as any other starlet, I asked violet whether or not she enjoyed the scene. I will allow you to wait and she what she said.

Most importantly, Violet Monroe is freaky crew royalty. Violet is well loved and I don’t hear negative things about her. I hope I will get a chance to take pictures of violet in the near future. Violet is one of those girls where you can snap pictures of her all day.

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