I get to do another anal movie! Hell Yea Bitches!!! I must’ve done something right in my previous life to not only get to do one anal movie but another anal movie right after the first one. The anal gods are smiling at me with thoughts of what I can do to make a turd cutter look good on film.

I didn’t know how I would be accepted with being a black director that directs an all white title. I was asked if I would mind shooting an all white title and my response was, “I don’t give a shit, I will shoot whatever!” I asked Jim if he was concerned about me being judged in the light I mentioned above. Jim responded explaining to me that I shouldn’t be known as just an interracial director and all black director. He added if I fall into that category that I might as well end my career now. I agreed with him. Besides, I have shot more white on white scenes then anything else.

Enough of that…let’s get down to the nitty gritty…!

Scene One: Penny Pax vs. Peter Parker

I met Penny Pax on a jaysin set. If you know anything about me I like to talk to the girls to get an idea of what a girl likes and dislikes. Also to see if a girl can carry a conversation. Brains and beauty makes a girl that much more sexy to me. Speaking with Penny was easy as water flowing down a stream. Penny was so positive and so full of life. I remember her having a sweater on with your typical leggings. I couldn’t wait to see what her body looked like.

Just as I thought, Penny’s body was bangin. So two out of the three things where out of the way, but the last question left was, can she fuck? Penny stuck a toy in her ass and instant gape…I was sold on her right away and immediately called her agent to book her. Penny laughed because she didn’t really know who I was and all of a sudden I booked her for an Elegant Angel scene. Penny’s smile is like a small piece of heaven with a fat pussy that’s like a clam.

Penny presented me with gluten free cookies that she baked herself. What you guys don’t know is this girl is as sweet as the cookies she baked me. It’s the only time I received such a nice gift from talent on set. I usually get cum on the floor and couches that I have to clean up. Hahaha.

Penny also recommended Preston Parker as her male talent. Most directors wouldn’t even risk taking a gamble on a guy they have never heard of or shot. But MimeFreak is not your average director. I listen to the girls, the fans, and other porn personnel. Preston came off as a great guy that was willing to do what it took to prove himself. I later learned that he wasn’t so new but was a contract guy for Bang Bros.

This scene was great! I loved the chemistry that Penny and Preston displayed. I had one cut due to the button I hit on the damn camera that blew everything out. I was pissed because I don’t like to interrupt the flow of the performers. Another thing is the toy Penny Pax used in the intro is my favorite anal toy. It looks so great on camera. Oh and Penny also has a really great gape.

analScene Two: Adriana Chechik vs. Mr. Pete

Here’s another girl that I have heard so much about but never shot. The first time I actually met her was grabbing coffee for Teal Conrad and Adriana was just dropping it off. There’s a certain energy you get from Adriana. Adriana has this vibe that lets you know immediately that she’s a freak. It’s hard to explain but if you ever meet her you will figure out what I’m talking about.

Giving her instructions of how I want the scene to flow she interrupted me with her scene she shot the day before. That scene was a DP that happened to turn into a double anal scene. I looked at her and asked if she was going to be okay today. Adriana told me she’s fine and if she could do a DP everyday she would. Damn, was all I could say!

Hiring Pete was a no brainer. I have been around Pete since I first got in the business. I owe Pete a huge thank you for being the first guy to put me in a production manager position. There was a different trust Pete had with me and I didn’t let him down. I’ve also shot him plenty, so it was like 2005 all over again. Adriana and Pete have good chemistry as well. The only thing is both of them have dominant personalities so this was a scene worth shooting.

Just as I thought not even two minutes in the scene they are going at it. Later on in the scene Adriana tells Pete to shut the fuck up and fuck me while trying to cover his mouth. You can’t find this part in the scene because we edited it out. It was funny but we like for the scene to be Elegant and that part wasn’t. I thought it was funny and you can hear me laughing throughout the scene at how Pete makes faces and Adriana catches him and pinches the shit out of his leg.

I enjoyed this scene and it turned out great even though I was battling with the light and had to have my assistant adjust it while shooting. I plan to shoot Adriana again because there is much more that this girl wants to do and if I shared this with you it would be just as exciting for you as it is for me.

Scene Three: Phoenix Marie vs. Chris Strokes

Most People were surprised that I shot Phoenix again so soon. Why wouldn’t I? When you think of an Anal Freak you gotta think of Phoenix. Sorry to say but there is not another girl in the business that can handle cocks or toys in the ass better then Phoenix Marie. If there is it must be a damn alien, just sayin.

The funny thing about Phoenix is she’s a huge tomboy. I mean she’s girlie in many ways, however she’s more of a man then most men are. It’s a joke feast when she’s around. I consider her a friend so it’s easy for the respect to come when I’m directing a scene. Phoenix trusts my eye and knows I’m not going to make her look bad. Plus I will cater to her needs as well.

I got a few complaints about this scene being boring. I get why people would think that. When you are watching a Phoenix scene it’s usually crazy, wild, and unique. I wanted to make this sort of a sensual scene. The intro was soft so I wanted the sex to match that. My original guy for the scene couldn’t make it that day so I picked a trusted guy in Chris Strokes. I saw one comment where they say oh that guy cock is small. I laugh because Chris cock is really long and can give a lot of guys a run for their money. Also keep in mind I don’t there is a cock in the business that could make Phoenix ass look small. That bitch could make a submarine look tiny with that ass…Hahaha.

This scene was great and very fun to film. I really can’t tell you why due to legal reasons. Plus I don’t need anyone knowing all my secrets. We all know people are watching and waiting to catch me slippin. Fuck That!!!

Scene Four: Bailey Blue vs. Manuel Ferrara

There are so many things that could be said about Bailey Blue. This girl’s eyes are fucking insane. Bailey isn’t known to have a huge ass or huge tits. Her sexuality is what drives men wild. When she’s around she’s very shy and will just stare at you and smile. Sometimes I think Bailey isn’t listening to me because she’s just smiling so hard. I love to crack jokes on set and I can always get her to come out of her shell with poking fun at her.

Bailey is also another sweet girl that you can’t say anything bad about. If you ever hear anything bad about her it’s probably a lie because the girl is so innocent and minds her own business. I’ve always told her if I got the chance to book her I would. That opportunity finally presented itself and man oh man was I excited. Bailey knew how excited I was because when she showed up for make-up I yelled, “Finally!” All she did was smile.

I don’t think she knew, but I was nervous to shoot Bailey in an anal scene. I can’t explain why but there was something that made me so nervous. I guess it’s because I never shot an intro with her dancing and I didn’t know what type of music she likes. Bailey is a majestic mystery. I’m usually very confident but this day I wasn’t. Once Manuel popped up I my nervousness went away.

The funny thing about Manuel is he’s so smooth you want to be like him in a bunch of ways. I hate when he talks to the girls in French because they tend to forget we are shooting a fucking porn scene. I laugh because I’m like cut that shit out but secretly I’m like I gotta learn this language so I can talk to the girls like this. I would butch that shit though and probably end up saying something like, “floss your teeth with my ball sack hair so I can look sexy on a horse” hahahaha. Us black folk know how to take a language, add a twang and make that shit backwards.

This was my favorite scene in the movie. I didn’t stop the camera until the scene was over. There are not a lot of guys that can fuck all the way to the end of scene without stopping. It’s insane how this guy has chemistry with 85% of the girls, make love and fuck during a scene, and have a huge pop was well. Manuel is a five time POTY for a reason and this scene let’s you know why. Bailey kept up with Manuel and her pussy was left untouched.

In conclusion I loved this movie but I didn’t think it was going to turn out the way it did. I didn’t know if the interviews would flow with the teases or whether the sex would match the title of the movie. I’m very hard on myself and I love the cast in the movie but there were lots of girls that I wanted to put in this movie. Jada Stevens, Remy LaCroix, Proxy Page, Chastity Lynn, and Roxy Raye are a few names that were on my list. I do plan on shooting for an Interracial Version of Anal Freak…Let’s see what happens.