I never really got the chance to talk to you all about this new venture. Richard Avery called me out to introduce “ARCHANGEL” to you officially. I told him to shut the hell up because I’ve been busy. So now that I have a bit of a break from shooting I would like to share something with you.

I was at Denny’s eating with the family when I got the phone call. My chick rolled her eyes because it was a family fun day and she wanted to interruptions. I darted out the restaurant to take the phone call. The voice on the other end of the phone kept his question brief and simple. He said, “You wanna start up a new company with me?” I replied, “When you wanna meet? He responded, “I’m waiting on you!” I smiled because I knew what was going to come.

Before I got too excited I didn’t really know what to expect. I’m known for always jumping the gun with expectations only to be let down. So I went in with anticipation of just helping out with a small part. Once I sat down for the meeting I was introduced to everyone as if I were already a part of a family. I thought to myself, “hold up, I didn’t agree to anything yet!” I laughed on the inside because I felt comfortable with everyone around. It wasn’t hard to read the people that I was around.  Once I was showed my office space I was asked what I needed to make this home.

I sat in the office for about an hour just thinking of what I can do if I had the chance. I didn’t know what was ahead but it felt good. When you have this type of feeling, you just go with it. Once I shook off my daze I immediately drew up my plan. Once everything was presented to the bosses they instructed me to set everything in motion. So you have now witnessed the beginning of what was laid out.

First thing we did was bring fourth Tori Black to be the next director on the roster. Tori’s directorial debut will be coming soon. I’m so fucking excited of what’s to come from her. Next we came with the booty movie. The hype from this movie and the fans involvement speaks for how our first movie was presented. The most important part about the movie was THE FANS VOTED. I will repeat myself as I’ve done before. If you don’t think the fans have a voice you are sadly mistaken.

Next we signed Jada Stevens to an exclusive contract. This was a no brainer. Of course I thought about the pros and the cons of making such a move but the bosses stood behind me 110%. And when they do that, it’s good as gold…We are also bringing on “…” aboard with us. You actually thought I was going to reveal her name. NOPE! TO BE CONTINUED. We have Erika Icon that is on board as our PR rep. We also hired another director to join us and we will be revealing that person soon enough.

Everyone that is with our company will be expected to be something different. We don’t plan on doing things the normal way. If that’s the case we might as well stop doing what we are planning and join companies that are already established. Our goal is to give you something that you’re familiar with and enhance the fans porno experience by doing something with a fresh feel as well.

I expect nothing less from a company that seems to have everyone’s attention at the moment. We will try to continue to grow in the best way we can. One thing we plan on doing is having the fans join us on this incredible journey. We hear your demands, we know what you would like to see, never stop talking to me about what you like and I will give you what you want. The Fans are everything to us. So with that out the way, are you ready to join us on this ride and make history? Good. Strap on your seat belt because it’s GO TIME. ArchAngel. We On.