mf_beafan2As a person that loves to interact with all of the fans that speak with me on twitter or ADT I must say 85% are cool. You get some of these guys that think it’s okay to bash porn stars just to get attention. That’s not okay. Understand these women (sometimes men) have feelings just like you.

I know there’s a time where you want to be heard and you want to give advice or just say hi. Please know the best way to go about doing that is to just be consistent with the love you wanna give off. There’s no reason to call them names and get upset then start to bash them. You bring fear to these women and this doesn’t make then wanna go to conventions to meet you.

I came across a fan that came out and said he wanted to kill a porn star. I don’t take shit like that lightly. If it were my chick or a friend I would’ve felt obligated to try to find this person and do something myself. In no way form or fashion should a person be able to get you that upset to the point of you wanting to do harm. Especially in this day in age when you have so many people that cower behind phones and computer scenes. You don’t know who’s joking and who’s serious.

I think I can speak for all of us in porn when I say we love to interact with fans. You guys are the reason this industry is afloat and successful. Please use your voice and opinion to do more positive then harm. There’s no need to put a dark cloud over something we all love… Just thought I would let you know.

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