425150_1271800546979_fullSo here’s a doobie…. This is a touchy subject but this is a subject that everyone has been waiting on. Please keep in mind that this blog site belongs to me. I don’t write to please others. I write for myself and if you choose to agree or disagree that is your god given right. However please know having a lengthy argument over a discussion is not wanted nor will I entertain a thought of defending myself on a thread that spreads nothing but hatred…(not speaking of ADT) With all further ado, let’s get started shall we?

I can say when I first came in the industry you didn’t really have to ask if a chick did IR. You asked out of common courtesy, but you usually knew. Back then porn was a smaller circle, so policing the industry was much easier. Also everyone was much closer so there weren’t too many questions that went unanswered. I’m a firm believer in doing what’s best for your career. I’m also a firm believer in having girls perform with “whomever” they want to perform with. This industry used to be more fun. The fun times were when girls came in and performed with whom they were attracted to. Don’t get me wrong there’s still fun (especially when you work for ELEGANT ANGEL. just sayin…hahaha) in the industry however there’s a level of annoyance among talent, producers, and directors.

To some, this industry is a money game. I understand that and I support that as well. We all do what we do for some type of payment and I will be a hypocrite if I say otherwise. What I don’t understand is girls being lied to. I recently had a conversation with a new starlet and inquired about her doing Ir. She replied with I will in a few years when I’m on my way out of the industry. I told her it doesn’t matter to me because I’m a director that directs all types of scenes, but was curious of why she was waiting. The starlet explained to me her agent told her that people would hate her if she did so and said her career would be over and she would be bashed on all social media sites in which would then decrease her demand. I smiled because this is the usual but I’m thinking to myself…Social media? Ummm…is that what really matters these days?

I then asked her if she heard of Tori Black, Asa Akira, Bobbi Star, Belladonna, Marie Luv, Lisa Ann, Maddy O’reilly and Skin Diamond? She replied, yea duh of course I know those girls. I then asked do you think IR stopped their careers or hurt them…? She didn’t reply. I laughed and said I appreciate your time and please know you should feel free to perform with whomever you want to. I am in no form an agent nor will I step on agent’s toes. I’m not responsible for what they choose to tell the girls. I simply voice my opinion and leave it at that.

Then there are the girls that want to fulfill the demand when the money is right. I don’t have a problem with that because this is a business. If you conduct yourself as a businesswoman I salute that. I’m all for women standing up in this male dominate industry. Lisa Ann and Mason are the perfect examples of this and I can’t speak highly those women. I know it’s a pain to want a performer to do IR and you get producers, directors, and fans always going after that girl because it’s what they want to see. I encourage that because if you are driving muthafuckias crazy over something, keep them wanting more.

I’m not here to bash anyone or tell anybody how to go about his or her career. That’s not my place, so I don’t speak when I’m not spoken to. I can say I’m always receiving phone calls from girls in the industry asking for advice. Those are the girls that trust my judgment and are reaching out to me so that’s totally different. I always tell them what I just explained in this blog, Go to your agent and try to work something out. I encourage them to understand and find out if their agent has something in place and discuss what they feel they want to do. Sometimes you tell a girl something and next thing you know you have an agent calling asking what the hell did you say to my girl!?

In my closing paragraph I would like to say I think girls need to do some intense research to understand how this industry really works. You can’t believe everything your agent, producers, directors or other industry personnel say. Everyone is different, so what worked for one performer might not work for the next. I think the agents need to also look into what type of talent they really have and find out what’s best for them. It’s one thing to talk but it’s another thing to listen. If you choose to express yourself sexually, express it the way “YOU” would like.