photoLet’s get something straight. I don’t give a shit what color you are. You aren’t entitled to anything because of the color of your skin. Last I noticed scientifically speaking when you cut a human body open you can’t tell whether the body is black, White, or Asian. I’m not PRO BLACK, I’m PRO HUMANITY! I’m going to address this topic because I feel there is nobody that has the balls to do so. Just as I don’t give a shit about someone judging me, please understand this is the blog of MimeFreak and if you don’t care about what I’m about the say peace out…

I hate racism point blank period. Now I joke about racism all the time simply because racism is just that. A joke. I have never looked at white people differently or held animosity towards them because of what has happened in the past to my ancestors. No matter what religion you follow forgiveness comes with all of them. We as a people know racism is still in effect. It’s displayed everywhere we look and everywhere we go. It’s up to you to either allow it to effect you or to learn something from it to allow yourself growth to be free from it.

Now let’s talk about being black in the adult industry for a second. The funny thing I hear is a few of the black performers talk about not getting the same opportunities as the white performers. Stop it! I asked those same performers if they ever showed love to a white performer. I got the stank face! Of Course. If you are a black performer or black director and haven’t reached out to a white performer or shot in all white scene I can’t hear your complaints. That goes against everything that you have been complaining about, right? Out of the nine years I have been in this business there has only been “one” black performer that has ever put money in my pocket. That person is Sean Michaels.

I am a director that happens to be black but I am not a black director! I said his name over and I will say it again, Chris Streams is the main reason I am in this industry. Chris saw something in me and he decided to recruit me. You think he got cool points because of him hiring a black assistant? Fuck No! Jaysin hired me to be an assistant as well, now that guy doesn’t give a shit about nothing but whether or not you can do the job and buttholes. Literally. Mick Blue is the sole reason I have a director job over at Elegant Angel. Do you think he gives a shit about what color I am? Nope. Guess what? All of those guys aren’t black. So imagine if I started with this reverse racism shit, I would be spitting in the faces of those gentlemen I just mentioned.

I can back up this blog with the work that I have done in the industry, as well as in life. This is the sole reason I changed my directors name from Dolomite to MimeFreak. Look at the layout around my blog site…It’s Black and White. My children are black and white. I direct black and white movies, all black movies, and all white movies. What the fuck can you tell me? I love to break the rules and bend them but have enough sense to follow them as well. At the end of the day a dollar is a dollar and the goal for both black and white people is to make green money.

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