mf_blastI can honestly say the turning door in the industry moves fast. So many women come and go that you don’t really get a chance to shoot them as much as you would want. I would like to trip down memory lane with some girls of the past that I wish I could shoot, care to join me? Let’s roll…

Annette Schwartz
This girl right here was WILD. I mean I don’t have to go into the things this woman has done. I remember when I first met her. I made fun of her accent. I stopped soon after I learned that she knocked some guy out on set for trying to stick his cock in her ass. I asked her to make a fist and this girl’s hand was the same size as mine.

Annette was a freak of nature. There isn’t a girl today or maybe in history of this industry that could come close to what she has done or could have done in the industry. If I had the opportunity to shoot her I wouldn’t know what to shoot her for. Annette set the bar so fucking high that she’s untouchable to me.

Sandra Romain
The name speaks for itself. I can honestly say this girl pumped so much fear in men that she had to tone it down for men to perform with her. Sandra possessed a power that when you looked at her in the eyes you knew she could sexually eat your soul. I witnessed her on a few sets of hell fire sex and I have yet to be on a set where I almost had to stop the scene because I felt so bad for the talent.

If I could shoot her I think I would shoot her in a DP with the baddest talent that I could find. Sandra was no joke and when she wasn’t in front of the camera she was pleasant to talk to. I know that Jaysin shot her recently and I was jealous of the scene he was able to get.

Penny Flame
I’ve never laughed so hard at a porn star. Whenever Penny was around she was always cracking jokes. I remember one time I had to get an interesting BTS (behind the scene) story. This girl could come up with shit on the top of her head with ease. Penny was also one of those girls that was genuinely nice. I don’t think she ever came to set in bad mood.

What I also enjoyed about Penny was that she knew her music. Penny was a hardcore hip-hop head. We used to talk about music and the girl knew her shit. If I had to a chance to book her for a scene I think it would be something that involved talking sexy. I mean not only was she natural and sexy she had many things to talk about. I think I might look at purchasing her book. I’m sure it’s a good read.

Jada Fire
What can I say about Jada Fire? I have so many stories that I can talk about. I will say that we were more like brother sister then anything else. I never really got to know her off set but while we were around each other it was full bloom comedy. It would come off as if we were arguing but we were always clowning each other.

I can admit Jada was a freak. Not too many could take dick in the ass like she did. I remember one time I had the pleasure of being around Jada Fire and Marie Luv on set…oh my fucking god. You would think we were family the way we were cracking jokes and talking shit. If I could shoot her I think I would shoot her with Marie Luv with some poor guy that wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Lauren Phoenix
Lauren was one of those girls that I met when I first started in the business. She stood out to me because she was so chill. When I met her she had on heels and made her seem like an Amazon woman. Lauren had a great personality and the way she devoured cock was great. Lauren was the first chick that I saw smoke weed before I scene. She rolled the fattest blunts.

If I could shoot her right now I think I would pair her up with Prince. I think Lauren and Prince energy would match perfectly. Lauren could hold her own with most but to see her compete with Prince would be a site to see.

Monica Sweetheart
Besides my chick, I don’t think there was a more naturally beautiful chick in the business. Monica could’ve been a model. I always made fun of how cute she was. The complete girl next-door beauty with just enough ass to say she had a nice one with a medium size rack to go with it. Monica had a pair of legs on her that you knew were smooth.

Monica was also just as her last name described her. Her personality would give you cavities because of how sweet she was. Although I can say when she performed I would pissed because she was a robot. Monica was notoriously known for saying the same things while performing. Now she could take any size dick but there was the same reaction. That killed me. If I were to shoot her again I think I would put her with my chick. Reason being is this would be a scene that featured natural beauty and long legs. What more reasons would you need?

I’m going to leave this blog at six girls. But trust me when I say that I will be coming with a part two, three, and four. There are too many girls of the past to talk about.

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