mf_coverbccI think it’s time for us to start something a little different. I have always put a blast out on Twitter without really paying attention to my blog site. What’s the point of having a blog site if I’m not going to use it to it’s full capability? This must stop.

As you know 2014 has been an amazing year for myself and the #FreakyCrew. Elegant Angel gave me my wings last year and I feel that I have soared to a level that was unexpected. OpenLife has made me a part of their family and I have been grateful in what they have hired me to do. Studio 66 started up a new branch here in America and trusted me with expanding their brand. And now I’m here to tell you now that there is Somethin New that’s on the horizon.

Currently this company has yet to be named so unfortunately there are very little details that I can give you. What I can tell you is that this company is going to be something fresh, new and still give you something familiar. I know some of you are questioning why I’m lending my services to so many companies…my answer to that is, WHY THE FUCK NOT? There’s no guarantee that I’m going to be alive tomorrow so I would like to extend my brand until I can’t anymore. I once heard a familiar quote that goes: “The Sky Is The Limit” I’m going for it all.

Now that I have given you this exciting news, I would like to share some good news with you. The reason for the Booty, Cheeks, and Cakes blog title is due to the new movie that I am working on. There was a discussion on ADT about me doing a movie that features girls with CRAZY DONKEY ASS. Here’s your chance to get the girls you feel have CRAZY DONKEY BOOTY in a movie. Please don’t go to Twitter, ADT or any place else to give your recommendations. In the comment section below will be the ONLY place that you can give me your choice of girl that you feel has CRAZY DONKEY CAKE…with that being said, I think you have a list to drop.