Rage. Aggression. Enraged. Frustrated. Acrid. Caustic. These are some of the words that can describe the way I’ve been feeling lately. Yet I smile and I go thru the motions as if nothing is wrong. I’ve been instructed to not be so humble and give voice to the credit that I’ve been given. I reject that suggestion because I am and forever will be grateful for the position I currently have. What most people don’t think about is everything could change tomorrow. This is just the beginning and there’s more in store.

One thing people don’t realize is I’m a sponge. I soak everything up that’s going on around me. I’m always watching and learning on how evolution is taking place daily. I myself am evolving. I can never settle for just going through the motions. I witness so many people sticking to the script and never challenge the way things are done. Yet there are very few that actually step outside the box to try to achieve new heights. Just like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m watching.

I feel like I’m a chained wolf that’s being starved all while watching a fluffy white rabbit bounce around happily in my territory. I want to eat. I want to be unleashed to release my fury on my prey…I’m hungry. People think I’m full with plenty of food to spare. No. My appetite is at an all time high. My stomach is touching my spine. I will eat…and I will soon be let off my leash to feed.