Elegant Angel | Curvy Girls 6

Finding out that I was going to direct Curvy Girls was a bit of a shocker to me. I had no idea that I was going to be shooting something so soon. With this new found information my mind immediately starting going over my visual Rolodex. All these girls came into my mind and it’s […]

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Elegant Angel | Performers of the Year_Maddy O’Reilly

The new idea of shooting this movie was fantastic. The idea was based off of Allison Anders, Four Rooms.  Each director was instructed to direct a scene to his or her own liking. The intro was to have the girls walking all together and then each girl was going to venture off in their own […]

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Elegant Angel | Performers of the Year_Bonnie Rotten

Hanging out with Bonnie in the desert was different from the other girls. Bonnie is such a firecracker that you want to always approach a conversation with caution. Say the wrong shit and Bonnie will crew you up and spit you out. FAST! Bonnie saw me throwing rocks and challenged me to a rock-throwing contest. […]

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Elegant Angel | Anal Freaks

I get to do another anal movie! Hell Yea Bitches!!! I must’ve done something right in my previous life to not only get to do one anal movie but another anal movie right after the first one. The anal gods are smiling at me with thoughts of what I can do to make a turd […]

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Elegant Angel | Up That White Ass_04

Anal. I get to shoot an anal movie. Anal? Are you sure this is what you want me to shoot? ANAL! YES! I couldn’t explain the amount of excitement I had when I learned I was to shoot for the Up That White Ass series. I’ve done lots of scenes in this business and there’s […]

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Elegant Angel | Big Tit Fanatic 3

So this was my first release for Elegant Angel. It’s funny I was to do a tit movie because I’m crazy over tits. I’m more of a natural tit type guy but whatever looks good I will shoot. However I’ve never been known to really showcase them like most directors.

I must admit I was nervous […]

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