Our MILFs in True MILF 2 are certified and the hottest ones on the planet, especially Nina Elle and Kendra Lust.

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Anal Warriors 2_TRAILER


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Calm Before the Storm

Rage. Aggression. Enraged. Frustrated. Acrid. Caustic. These are some of the words that can describe the way I’ve been feeling lately. Yet I smile and I go thru the motions as if nothing is wrong. I’ve been instructed to not be so humble and give voice to the credit that I’ve been given. I reject […]

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Future Angels_TRAILER

Ain’t no pussy like new pussy. The starlets featured in Future Angels are just that, New Pussy. I’ve been accused of having favoritism so I wanted to go out and shoot a fresh faces type line. In this day and age with porn you have so many girls. Porn has become a revolving door where […]

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Future Angels_COVER

The NEWEST cover for Future Angels directed by MimeFreak.

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Take Out the Trash

We as a people always find more reasons to complain. With how society communicates it’s sad how judgmental we have become. We judge others and hate for us to be judged. I’m not sitting here talking like shame on you; I’m just as guilty. I catch myself looking at certain things judging it and defend […]

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