Freak of the Month: Tori Black

Shame on me! Looking back on my site I regret not making my own damn wife Freak of the Month. However there’s timing with everything I do. Tori Black has shot her directorial debut for ArchAngel. Tori’s movie features non-other then the lustful brunette Kendra Lust. I’m extremely proud of Tori’s accomplishments in the last […]

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09/14_Freak of the Month: Tori Avano

There’s nothing like having a freak in your inner circle. I met Tori Avano thru twitter. Tori actually found me surprisingly. Once I scanned her twitter pictures I knew there was something very cool about this chick. I mean besides resembling a chick I grew up with, there was something that called out to me.

Upon […]

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08/14_Freak of the Month: Penny Pax

I would like to apologize for missing out on a freak of the month for July. I wanted to take some time to spend with my loved ones for the summer. Yea I could’ve wrote something and posted it when the time came but I just needed a break from writing as well. Now that […]

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06/14_Freak of the Month: Chastity Lynn

I met Chastity Lynn in 2009. This baby face chick was very shy and was brand new to the industry. The first thing that impressed me about Chastity was a second language that she speaks. Japanese. Chastity said something in Japanese and I was floored. Now she could’ve said something totally inappropriate and I thought […]

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05/14_Freak of the Month: Bonnie Rotten

When I first met Bonnie I was moved by her presence. I remember it being a day where we really didn’t want to shoot due to Jaysin and myself shooting four days in a row. So this day we were praying it go as smooth as possible. I had seen numerous of pictures of Bonnie […]

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04/14_Freak of the Month: Maddy O’Reilly

I think it’s a no brainer but to have Maddy O’Reilly as freak of the month for this month. I mean this girl is a pure freak. Truth be told I don’t think I have met a freak like her. Personal conversations that we shared give me the feeling that the best is yet to […]

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