The Booty Queen

Shooting a showcase with Jada Stevens is like a dream come true. When I was at Elegant Angel the talk of Buttwoman came about. We didn’t know who would direct it because I had Slutwoman and Toni had Squirtwoman. I did have a say in whom I wanted to be Buttwoman and of course I […]

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A Change Gone Come

2015 is here and looking forward I really want to channel a darker side of pornography. I stuck my neck out with doing Anal Warriors the way I did. To be honest with you I really didn’t think this movie was going to do as well as it did. I’m a firm believer in if […]

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I never really got the chance to talk to you all about this new venture. Richard Avery called me out to introduce “ARCHANGEL” to you officially. I told him to shut the hell up because I’ve been busy. So now that I have a bit of a break from shooting I would like to share […]

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Year in Review: PART I

Favorite movies:
Pretty Petite:
The reason I chose this movie is due to the importance of it. Originally this movie wasn’t going to happen. There was going to be a change in management with Elegant Angel so there was talk of scrapping this movie.

Not only was this movie important to me, it was important to aaliyah love […]

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I see so many people that talk down on religion. I’m not the holiest person, however I feel there is a higher power that does exist. It’s really difficult to explain, so I will stop there.

I feel that I’m placed in certain areas, at certain times, to meet certain people. This brings me to the […]

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Anal Freak II: Jada Stevens

I originally wanted to book Jada for Anal Freak I. At the time of that movie I knew I was going to get her to do a scene for Up That White Ass 4, so I thought to myself, “why not cast her for Anal Freak II”? Of course the fans would’ve enjoyed this but […]

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