ea_slutwomanThe Buzz around this movie is bananas. I have never been a part of something that has everyone on the edge of their seats. Not only are the fans waiting, the industry is waiting as well. I must admit I have been losing lots of sleep and free time over this movie. My nerves have been a tad bit wild, but guess what? It’s all worth it!

I hate that there was a delay in the process of making this movie. This movie was supposed to have been complete already. I am to blame for that. There was a meeting that was supposed to take place before we actually started shooting the movie and when that meeting didn’t happen, we stopped production.

As I’m writing this blog two scenes have been complete and I have the last two to look forward to.  Being along side of Maddy working on this movie has been nothing but fun. Don’t think things have been smooth because they haven’t. Maddy is a Taurus just like myself so we are always bumping heads. In the end we agree on what’s best for the movie in unison. It’s fun to piss Maddy off because she comes off as soft but she can hold her own.

I will take this time to let the fans and fellow industry folk know this movie will not be what your expecting it to be. I have read about people comparing this to what Mason has done with MADDY X. As much as I respect, admire, and enjoy Mason’s projects I would never go in the same direction. What’s the point of purchasing SlutWoman if I were to do that? Nothing will be repeated and Maddy made sure we didn’t use the same performers either.

I can tell you there will be no soft teases with Maddy bouncing her ass to some sensual music. Maddy will not be talking about what she will be doing in her career and where she wants to be in the future. We did that in 2014 POTY, so if that’s what you want I suggest you purchase that movie. You will not see the normal porn locations that everyone uses. I will repeat, “this will not be your typical movie”. One thing I’ve wanted to do was do something different and SlutWoman will give you just that.

Maddy and myself had to switch up talent, the type of scenes, and adjust the scenarios. There was a last minute change we made to make sure nothing looks the same.  Once I write the closing directing SlutWoman blog I will inform you all of the original ideas for the movie. At the moment I would like to keep certain things secretive. Before I close I would like to share some pictures from the alternative box covers and Ideas. Please don’t hesitate to give me your feedback in the comment section of this blog. I’m really curious on how you guys feel about the box cover choice!!!

PS: Special shout out to DarkFalcon for winning the SlutWoman contest that we had. You should be jealous of the knowledge he has of who’s in the movie. I can say the smile he displayed said it all.

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