I saw the articles on Xbiz, AVN, and other blogs and it’s kinda crazy there was nnnnoooooo mentions from me. How the hell did that happen with me also being the other co-director? Your guess is as good as mine but that’s cool because I was in a few pictures blasting Maddy with cheap champagne at our Elegant Angel both like a fucking rock star. Then I presented her with flowers like a gentlemen…awwww…shut the fuck up. Lol

I would like you all to know where this idea originally came from. I would give credit to Patrick Collins for wanting to take Slutwoman back to its roots. If your familiar with the Ol Skool slutwoman you would know the way the movie was made previously isn’t the same as it has been revised to be. Don’t get me wrong, I think slutwoman was great before however we need to take it back to the ol skool.

Jim Crawford sat me down and gave me his vision of what the true slutwoman represents. Upon asking me my opinion of who fits the description, I found my answer easily. That’s Maddy. Jim didn’t know Maddy too well but after talking with her as she came into the office a few he agreed with me. Jim and myself put our brains together and set the groundwork on how we should go about getting this done with it also being super top Secret. I told him that I was on it!!!

What Jim didn’t tell me was that I was going to be the director of the movie. I was surprised at him telling me I was the one that was going to be shooting Maddy. I didn’t know what to say. I assumed that he was going to have someone else direct the movie and I was just helping out the team. I think the funniest part of Jim telling everyone I was going to direct Slutwoman Asa Akira wanted to kick me in the balls. She politely told me that she was happy for me but if it were up to her she would direct all the cool shit. Asa is the Queen of Elegant but I was granted something the Queen wanted. Have you ever had an Asian women look at you angrily with those slanted eyes? It’s not pretty. All I could do was strut my stuff and ignore her panda ass.

With all this excitement I forgot, Shit just got real. What I mean by this is Mason was the director of the previous Slutwoman series. Now I don’t know if you are familiar with Mason but this chick is a fucking stud. She’s great at what she did and I even called her to tell her so. Here I am preparing to direct a title that Mason directed. I mean I fear nothing that breathes or bleed but I must step it up on this movie. I sat there and let these settle in and I spoke with Maddy about how nervous I was. You know what she said? Maddy said, I suggest you stop being a little bitch cause we got this. Now you wouldn’t think Maddy would talk like this. WRONG. Maddy is a beast.

After a few weeks of going back and fourth with ideas I think Maddy and myself have a great idea on how we are going to get this movie to be nothing less of a classic. I will not spoil what you hoped I would by giving you all the details because I want your imagination to run wild. However please know this will not be shot in typical Elegant form. I’m sure you guys will love what we will create. So with all this being sad, Stay Tuned!