I would like to say this movie is almost as important as SlutWoman. I think I would give this movie a slight edge due to it being something original. The reason why this movie is very important to me is this is my first all black series with Elegant Angel. I have directed other black movies in the past but I felt it too generic.

Directing a black movie has become very stale. My reason for feeling this way is due producers and directors putting black talent into stereotypical scenes. You get the black chick that’s twerkin in front of a car with big rims and hip-hop music. Then you get the black guy with the shades looking like a gangsta. I’m sorry but this is not how I want my movie to look like. I don’t judge what others create; however I want to start a different trend.

6a00e553677dd0883401a3fcf9bdbf970bScene One: Leilani Gold VS Prince
I remember when I first saw Leilani Gold. My jaw dropped to the floor. As she got out of Prince’s car I immediately wanted him to introduce me. Prince saw my face and laughed at me. Maybe I was drooling a little bit, but what is a man suppose to do when his faced with such beauty? Prince kindly introduced me to Leilani. We all struck up a conversation about the business and immediately after our conversation ended I called my boss to let him know I had to shoot Caramel Hunnies right away.

Leilani gold was my original choice for the box cover. There was concern that she was too new of a starlet to put on the box. I can’t disagree with the boss so there’s no need to even continue discussing it. I hate to disappoint the girls but we are in business, so there’s a reason for everything.

This scene was really fun. I knew I was going to cast Prince with Leilani. With that being in my mind I wondered if she would be able to hold her own. I usually do a little research about her but I felt there wasn’t a real need to do research. A chick as fine as her had to know how to fuck.

As soon as these two saw each other I knew I was in for a great scene. I even heard Leilani saying, “Give it to me now!” Which is what Prince says I almost stopped the camera to tell Leilani she couldn’t use other peoples handle. Hahaha. The scene was exactly how I thought it would be, full force.

I expect BIG things to come from Leilani in the coming years. Leilani has a great look with sex that goes right along with it. I’m sure she will be coming for me about that box cover I promised her.

Scene Two: Skin Diamond & Harley Dean VS Jon Jon
This scene was a match made in heaven. Of course I know what Skin is capable of doing. What Skin brings to the table to absolutely astonishing. I’m a firm believer that every elite starlet never takes a scene off. Casting her for this movie was something I knew I would do no matter what. I would’ve paid out of pocket to have her in it. Skin is a BIG DEAL!!

When I first saw Harley Dean’s photos on her twitter account I was immediately interested in booking her. I thought she could be Skin’s cousin. They have the same skin complexion. But just like Leilani Gold, I didn’t know how well she performed. Sometimes in life you just have to follow your gut and I did with booking Harley.

Once I arrived in the office to see these two girls side by side I wanted to smack myself on the ass and say, “good job boy’. Hahahaha. I knew these girls would be a deadly combination for this scene. However this day was full of challenges. First thing was our original stud for the scene was Rico. Upon arriving Rico finds out his test wasn’t going to clear until the next day. There was no way I was going to cancel this day with these luscious women ready to go. So I made one phone call and Jon Jon was ready to go.

After patching up the scene with a new stud it’s time for pretty girls to be shot. Harley dean didn’t have anything to match what Skin wore but shoes. So I looked at her and said, “Let’s Go!” Not knowing where we were going Harley quickly followed me as we rushed to Victoria Secret. Harley looked at me in awe from what I was able to do with the time we had. I was once told that if you don’t know how to dress women, you shouldn’t be directing them.

Back from Victoria secret Harley went to join Skin for pretty girls. I looked at the time and thought to myself we are far behind now. I was originally going to go some place nice to do the tease but Skin had some place to be. I sat in my seat to figure out what I was going to do. After about ten minutes of sitting there I asked my assistant to go grab me some combination flowers. I normally don’t do naked teases but these girls are the perfect example of switching things up for the better.

I was very pleased what I was able to create with all of the issue that I ran into on that particular day. Skin, Harley and Jon Jon did a wonderful job. No the day wasn’t perfect but when you look at the finish product, you would never know. I look forward to shooting Skin again for some one on one anal action. Harley dean will be another new face people will soon recognize with ease.

6a00e553677dd0883401a511a96646970cScene Three: Misty Stone VS Jovan Jordan
When you have Misty Stone around you know there’s gonna be *Dave Chappelle Voice* Jokes and Jokes and Jokes and Jokes. Hahahaha. Misty Stone is one starlet that could be a part of my family. When it’s time to be serious, Misty is that. When it’s time to turn the fuck up, Misty is that as well. One thing you don’t wanna do is piss Misty off. With that said it almost happened. Keep reading to find out what almost went wrong.

Upon arriving on to set Misty pulls up in her car with the bass boomin along with herbal essence trailing right behind. I shake my head as I watch her pull up. Misty smiles and says, “Shut nigga!” I guess she knew what I was thinking without saying a word. Misty had me excited because I told her I would be booking her for my first black movie. Last summer I was supposed to shoot a MISTY. Which was my choice for superstar September.

Sometimes I wish you could hear what I’m saying to the girls while I’m filming the tease. Most of the time I do it to make my editor laugh and try to get the girl to start laughing. I was hooting and hollering when Misty was grinding along that keyhole. Hands down the way she moves would entice any grown man to come tackle her. Once we were done with the tease I looked at her and told her it would be untouched.

The scene gets under way and we are shooting sex stills. I instruct Jovan Jordan to pull is cock through his zipper so misty could suck it through his jeans. What I didn’t expect was for his cock to get so hard that his zipper cuts his cock. I felt bad because we eventually had to reschedule due to him bleeding so much.

As every other scene in Caramel Hunnies, this one was another good one. I started laughing because Jovan isn’t really used to misty. As he was fucking her there came a point where it was too much. So while in doggy Misty stops and says, “Look, now everyone knows misty goes hard but you have a fucking baby leg and you just can’t be trying to slaughter this pussy.” I smiled and looked at Jovan and said, “Fuck you lookin at me for…Misty’s is the boss” We all enjoyed a good laugh and carried right along.

Scene Four: Sophia Fiore VS Lexington Steele
I’ve never been next to a starlet that I wanted to challenge in push-ups with the fear that she would beat me. Hahahaha. Talking to Sophia on our way to the beach she told me her plans for Lexington Steele. I thought this girl was out of her mind. Sophia told me that she was going to take Lex balls deep vaginally and anally. I sat there speechless thinking to myself this girl has no clue. I knew they worked before so that added to my curiosity.

We were at the beach for the tease and I was starring off into space thinking that we were missing something. Sophia kindly asked what was I thinking. I told her I needed something. Right as I finished my sentence a huge wave came and splashed the holy shit out of her. Sophia yelped with laughter. I looked at what the waves did to her and I said, “Perfect!” It’s great when nature helps you get the look that you want.

Looking at the women strut her stuff along this beach I was picking myself a part about getting back in the gym. We talked about fitness and eating healthy. This girl knows her stuff. I think I’m going to get her to train me after the summer just to get a different feel for what I want to try to achieve.

Once we got to set Sophia transformed into something I didn’t see earlier that day. She became a predator and Lexington was her prey. I was sensing something remarkable was getting ready to happen. As we were taking sex stills Sophia was calm and collective. This reminded me of when you are focused on hitting a hard set in the gym.

Sophia did exactly what she said she was going to do. I was floored at what I just witnessed. Not only did Sophia take him balls deep in her holes, Sophia was pulling onto Lex for more cock. While filming I looked at my assistant with a facial expression like “REALLY?” I was very happy with this scene and from what she did I called the office to tell them that she earned the box cover for Caramel Hunnies…



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