Finding out that I was going to direct Curvy Girls was a bit of a shocker to me. I had no idea that I was going to be shooting something so soon. With this new found information my mind immediately starting going over my visual Rolodex. All these girls came into my mind and it’s a process of who’s still around and who’s not. There are so many damn girls in the industry, but there are not that many curvy ones. When I say curvy, it’s MimeFreak of curvy. The perfect definition my take of curvy is the girl on the box cover of this movie. There is one girl that I missed and she could’ve made this m

I can say there was one chick that I would’ve loved to put in this movie and that chick is no other then Danielle Delaunay. I can’t explain why this didn’t happen but damn this was an opportunity missed. Maybe I can get her for the next one? I guess we will have to watch out. There are a few more girls but I don’t want everyone knowing whom I could possibly use for the next movie.

As always I had a great time filming this movie. Definitely something I plan to do again in the near future. I mean where’s is the IR version of this movie, right? I’m glad that you asked because hey you know I gotta put my stank on it. Everything I touch at EA has to has my stank on it. I will explain what my stank is later in another blog.

AJ Applegate & Bridgette B. VS Preston Parker
This was a no brainer to put these two big booty girls together. I first became aware of AJ when Jaysin shot her. I was jealous because he paired her with Jada Stevens. I mean it gets no better then that, right? So I was aware of what AJ could do. I knew that if I had the chance I would use her as well. Guess what? BOOM! It happened. I could never forget a pair of cheeks and her glory hole. I knew I wanted to make this an anal scene so I asked myself who could do anal just as good with cheeks just as nice? I remember Bridgette B signing for Elegant at AVN. We spoke briefly and she asked me why I have never booked her. I didn’t have an answer so I told her what I normally say…I will get to you!!!

What I didn’t want to happen was to find out Bridgette already did the movie. Once I checked out the previous editions I didn’t find her so I knew I would get the green light to shoot her Spanish ass. This was a match made in ass heavy heaven, the side of heaven where anal is goin down. I didn’t really know much about Bridgette as far as shooting her goes. I spoke with a few people and they had nothing but great things to say about her. I had to give Preston Parker two girls just because he came thru for me when I booked him for Anal Freaks. Ain’t that cool? Do a good job for me and I give you two girls instead of one! Now just because you read my blog doesn’t mean I’m going to send you two bitches so calm down.

Once I had these two curvy ass-heavy women on set I knew the day was going to be pleasant. I wanted to get these girls wet but the location owner forgot to turn on the damn heater so I had to use the fountain for the intro. I mean I had my hopes up and he crushed them like he’s known to do. It was Brad Armstrong. Hahahaha. I had to say it just because it’s him. The girls were happy about it though due to it being really cold that day. You know I was going to make sure they were going to be nice and warm. I still think the intro came out nice after the slight change.

ea_curvyOnce the scene got under way with the chemistry everyone had, I was pleased. I gave them some pointers of what I needed to happen during the scene and let them work their magic. As always you worry when it’s an anal scene but we had luck on our side and everything went as smooth as those assess. I wanted to use Bridgette’s accent as much as I could. I told her to speak Spanish and repeat everything that she said in English do that could put some ease to your jerking time. I also had to have her the Dom of this scene due to her speaking a different language. I mean could you image AJ trying to speak Spanish? She would’ve butchered that shit…hahaha…Overall this scene was a success from beginning to end. These girls took dick in the ass like pros. The only thing that hit me was the sun blasting thru the window, but the clouds came back in and made life easy for me.

Valentina Nappi VS Erik Everhard
I got an email that Valentina was going to be coming in town. I got this email before I knew I was going to be directing this movie. I was like oh please let something happen to where I can shoot this woman. I had Prince call my personally to tell me she was a beast. Everyone that spoke her name said she was a monster. I tried to arrange a meeting through her agent but she was stupid busy so that didn’t take place.

Once I found out I got this movie there was no question that I had to book Valentina. Only thing in my way was I knew she was going to be booked up. I almost fell out my chair when I was told she was available. The next step was to pair her with someone that could fuck her the way she likes to be fucked. Erik Everhard came to mind right away. Now this scene was supposed to be an anal scene. That didn’t happen due to reasons I can’t reveal but Valentina was pleased because she wanted Erik in her pussy as much as she could.

Valentina stepped into the office with a walk that commanded every guy’s attention. Damn, this girl was stacked. My first impression was she’s curvy, then she took off her clothes and I was like Holy Shit! I didn’t want to be around her because her curves cause damage to your eyes if you stare too long. What I didn’t know what Valentina is goofy as hell. We were having random conversations on our drive to the location. Her new name from me is silly slut. Valentina grew on to me once we started talking about life. A girl that can have a great conversation is sexy to me. We arrived on set and once again she got naked to put on the blue bikini she had on during the tease. Damn this girl. I just shook my head in how deadly her curves are.

Right before I started to scene I told Erik to do what he does. For the first time ever this man says I have to be careful because she’s a man-eater. Now if you know Erik, this dude is supreme when it comes to performing. So when he said that I was like, oh damn. The instructions that I told them to start the scene didn’t work. I laughed because I knew that was going to happen and I didn’t want to start again and throw the chemistry off. I didn’t cut at all but to ask a question. The chemistry was off the chain and I enjoyed all of what they were doing. The only thing I was overwhelmed with was the amount of oral in this scene. I knew they both love a bit of oral so I let it slide a bit. Plus Erik was using that tool to get his way with her. I could never stop a man from trying to conquer this beast. Overall this scene was clean and I will be shooting her again in the near future. Valentina told me she is going to be moving to the states for a bit so the next scene will be ANAL!

ea_curvy2Vivie Delmonico VS Manuel Ferrera
I must admit this was the scene I was excited for. Reasoning being was due to the anticipation of what Vivie Delmonico could bring. Vivie found me on Twitter. I take the time to scan a person pictures and tweets just to see what type of people have an interest in me. Once I saw her I looked at her pictures and thought to myself, why isn’t she with an elite agency? I immediately sent her a DM asking her the same question. After a brief conversation I invited her out to Elegant for a go see. Vivie was everything we were looking for in talent. Just as Layla Pryce was certain about what she could do upon our first meeting, Vivie had that same spark.

Once I was able to book this Italian stallion, I asked her whom would she want to perform with. Vivie said Manuel right away. I asked her if she has ever worked with him before and she replied no. She had this smile that told me this could be a big moment. Now I must say doing a scene with Manuel is the gift and the curse. The gift is if he’s into you then it will be a great scene. The curse is if you are able to do a bad scene with Manuel you might as well pack it up and do something else with your time. Since this is what Vivie wanted, I was wondering if she would give me what I wanted as well…Which is a great scene with a future hall of fame performer.

We got to set and the chemistry was there immediately between Manuel and Vivie. Manuel recognized her from a previous shoot and told her that she was on his radar. Whether or not he was telling her the truth is what I thought but I wasn’t going to say anything to interrupt. As most girls do her smile showed her pleasure to his compliment. As the scene got underway I instructed Manuel to “Fuck Her Up!” Manuel and Prince are the only two gentlemen that know what this means and how to apply exactly what I’m looking for. On command Manuel did just that and Vivie did something I’ve never seen happen during a scene. Vivie came so hard that she was brought to tears. REAL TEARS!!! Ok. Most of you are like Holy Shit, right? I wasn’t. When you have a girl cry you usually have to stop the scene to make sure she’s not having an emotional breakdown. You must think about why other girls cry sometimes. I was worried, my assistant was worried (and damn there walked into the damn shot) and I almost cut until Manuel whispered sweet nothings in her ear and she responded with a smile.

I was very pleased with this scene and the only complaints that I had with the location. I didn’t like certain things and I addressed the location manager right away. Vivie definitely showed up and Manuel did what he normally does as usual. I can say that I will be using Vivie more often this year because the girl is an underdog in this industry. Vivie has curves in the right places and a smile that can take any persons attention with ease.

Siri VS Mr. Pete
FINALLY. Finally I will be able to see for myself what the fuss is about over a girl that has caught my eyes, ears, and attention from not only other directors at Elegant but Twitter, Vine, and ADT. I ran into Siri a few times at AVN but wasn’t able to really have a detailed conversation in person. Previous to that I spoke with her on the phone to get a chance to judge her character. For some reason that wasn’t enough for me. I knew there was something more and something more was right once I was with her for the day.

Siri was prompt with everything that had to do with this movie. Siri sent me an email with her preferred talent and also telling me not to worry about hiring a makeup artist because she preferred to do her own. Right away I knew I had the pleasure of shooting someone that was special and all about it. As I’ve expressed in my “Freak of the Month” blog, I enjoy working with women that know what they want and how they want it. That is something you can’t teach and most girls. Siri came and knew what she wanted to wear. I didn’t want to watch her take pictures because I wanted to be surprised at what her and Carlos would come up with. I wanted him to take his time without me being a distraction with my jokes and high-octane energy.

The conversations were brief while we were in the office but once we arrived on set, our conversations really took a turn. Siri is the type that commands respect so I didn’t want to say anything to startle her. Of course now I know her a little more and I was being cautious for no reason. Siri is a playful woman that loves to have fun. She was also excited that I was shooting her. Now don’t get me wrong I was excited to have her on set and was wondering why she was so excited to have me shoot her. I figure I’m not a big deal and she told me that I was. I laugh because you have to understand that I’m still new to being a full term director for Elegant.

The tease was flawless…once that camera got rollin, the music got to playin, and that smile came I swear the room heated up. This girl was working her curves and swinging her hips to the music so naturally everyone in the room was focused just on her. I think she knew it too. I didn’t want to stop filming her because of the way she worked that camera was nerve wrecking. I knew it was going to be a good scene.

Right before the scene got under way I asked Siri if she squirts. She replied with I have to be with the right person who has me in the right position. What she didn’t know was that was a trick question. Mr. Pete was the guy and there are not a lot of girls that he can’t make squirt. I laughed and gave Pete the eye that told him exactly what I was saying without using my voice. He knew what I wanted and delivered a couple of times in the scene. I enjoyed watching these two work with each other. There was a great deal of passion, energy and chemistry in this scene. Siri showed why she is definitely one of the gems in this industry. I told Siri right before she got in her car to leave, You are the definition of a CURVY GIRL…

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