There is nothing sexier then a certified MILF that performs just as you hope she would. Coming up with this name was a combination of Carlos Dee and myself. We were laughing about it and it just stuck. I didn’t want to have another title related to my name but Carlos asked, why not? So fuck it, Freaky MILF’s it is.

I wanted to go out on a limb rather then book the common milfs. I wanted to get the milfs that caught my eye and those that I was close to. There were a bit to choose from and making a selection to narrow it down was very difficult. When it came to the scenes I wanted to add a little bit of a dialog with a bit of comedy. You have these studs that are used to all the young girls and rarely get a taste of some seasoned pussy.

These women pay no mind to the young girls that aren’t familiar with their body less known satisfying a man on all levels sexually. I salute a proper milf that’s showing the world why they are in the position they are in. I couldn’t cast a woman that is under 35 due to me not considering them worthy of the title “Milf”. I even had a discussion with the boss about the age limit. We agreed to disagree but what you don’t see is what he considered a milf in this movie.

Nikki Hunter Vs. Rico Strong
Casting Nikki Hunter was easy for me. When I called her for my movie initially she wasn’t going to do it. I told her that I always promised her a scene in a movie that I would direct. Nikki became excited when I spoke with her about the details of the movie. I became excited when she agreed to bring her snake out for the tease.

Nikki was my main makeup artist for a lot of Jaysin productions and she was also a part of a few special scenes. I must admit Nikki was there when Tori Black and myself kissed for the first time. She looked at me afterwards and said make sure you invite me to the wedding. During the time Nikki was around I became really familiar with her skills. I knew there wasn’t a cock that she couldn’t handle or a man that she couldn’t devour. What I wasn’t able to capture on BTS was Rico jumping out of his skin when he saw Nikki’s snake. I have never seen someone ready to run without having any idea where they were gonna run to.

This scene flowed easy and I really enjoyed the energy that was on display for the fans. This was the first scene of the movie, which set the tone. This is also probably one of the last scenes that will feature Nikki Hunter. Nikki will be branching out to do other things in the near future. I wish her the best and I hope you will appreciate the moment she shared with us all.

freakymilfsJewels Jade Verses Prince
I must admit that I was unaware of Jewels Jade until Prince mentioned her. Once I put the blast out about a milf movie I received a good amount of votes for her. I had to look her up to see what the fuss was about. I immediately noticed that this woman was fit. Casting her with Prince made me wonder if this was gonna be a scene or a fitness contest. Hahahaha. One thing I did expect was a high-octane scene with lots of sweat.

Meeting Jewels was very sensual. I like to get to know the women that I shoot to get a vibe of what they are like. We talked about family and animals. We became real cool with the conversations that we shared so I knew the day was going to flow easy. Once we arrived to set I had to input some type of fitness in the dialog. I found some dumbbells at the location so it was easy for me to put that together. As you might see in the BTS Prince was a little shaken up when it came to her slashing water on him. We had a good time laughing at his buff ass being scared of water.

Once we were done with dialog we went upstairs to do the tease. Normally Prince is doing his own thang but he was drawn to the music I had playing and was watching Jewels Jade like a lion watching prey. I knew this scene was going to be great due to the energy that was created between these two. Once I was done with the tease things got underway right away. I didn’t have to set anything up; I just let them go at it.

This scene was full of everything I planned it to be. I was battling the sun a bit so I had to rearrange the furniture around to make sure Jewels wasn’t blinded by the sun. Jewels left very satisfied and Prince left feeling accomplished as always.

Janet Mason verse Lexington Steele
I can tell you I was more excited about booking Janet then any other Milf. I remember meeting her for the first time about five years ago for a Zero Tolerance shoot. All I could remember was that ass. I have never seen an ass on a milf like that in all my years being in the industry. (A natural ass) Then she has that fire red hair to go with it…DAMN! I reached out to her to make sure that she knew I was going to book her for my movie. I asked her if she remembered me from her scene and surprisingly she did. Janet even remembered the whole scene and who was in it. I was very impressed.

Once I asked her whom she wanted to perform with the answer flowed off her tongue with sexual lust. Lexington Steele! Whoa, okay. As you can see I gave her what she wanted. While she was sitting in makeup I was starring at that ass and I think it was bigger then I remember it being. Janet has a very easy personality and we enjoyed a laugh while she told me of how she first got into the industry. I must say Janet is a rare breed and if she weren’t in the industry she would probably be in some hotel fucking some big cock for a fun. Hahahaha.

I think the scenario for this scene was the funniest in the movie. I had to cut and restart due to me laughing. The most intriguing part was the jock strap Lex was wearing. I mean it caught me off guard because this wasn’t a joke. Everyone else wanted to ask but was afraid to do so. I asked Lex what’s up with the Jock strap fam? He replied telling me he wears them due to the type of pants he wears and the comfort they provide him. I’m thinking to myself, hold up, your ass is out and that could get a little scratchy. I didn’t want to continue this conversation so I just ended it. Hahaha. I don’t judge. Having Janet wake him up with a pull and slap was classic. Even though you can see it in the scene you still had to be there to enjoy how funny this actually was.

This was the first full scene that I was able to enjoy Janet. This woman is great with what she does. I could’ve shot the scene for another hour and she would’ve still been edger to bounce around on that third leg Lex calls a cock. I was pretty impressed with the standing doggy Janet showed me. Janet also works out and you can tell how she was taking Lex in every position. I can honestly say I was intrigued with Janet more then I was before. I will be trying to book Janet again in the future and seeing how she will treat two cocks.

freakymilfs2Veronica Avluv Verses Rico Strong & Wesley Pipes
Okay. This is the scene that I have been waiting to write about just like this is the scene I wanted everyone to see. Veronica received the most votes from the fans. I agreed that the milf with the most votes would get the box cover. I had a chance to have a conversation with her in Vegas at the convention. There was something that stood out about her. Once I spoke with her on twitter I can honestly say Veronica is a great person. Veronica was so nice that either she was going to be too nice to do a great scene or she was going to be a monster. A monster was what she is. OMFG

One thing that I noticed about Veronica was she knew what sexy is. The outfit that she wore (the same she took the pictures in) screamed classy. Veronica went out to purchase that lingerie just for our shoot. I was very satisfied with her effort to put something together so unique and sexy. Veronica is the type of woman that will enhance your mind when it comes to sexuality. I could spend hours listening to her talk. Veronica has a gift of influencing you to look at life in an extraordinary positive manner.

When it came to shoot this scene this women transformed into a fucking beast. I didn’t think I was gonna be blown out of my socks like I was. The way this woman handled these two studs was remarkable. Rico and Wesley are two guys that will be nasty and rough to a certain point. All of what they were doing to her she sad thank you. After the scene she was stuck smiling. I knew she enjoyed every bit of what happened to her. I was in disbelief of what I witnessed. Not that I didn’t think she had it in her but the scene was great from start to finish. Made me upset that I didn’t have another guy to throw in the scene to add more.

Even though the fans voted for her to receive the box cover I can honestly say that it was well deserved. I don’t know what my next milf movie will be but Veronica will be in it. I can’t go wrong with putting such an incredible animal of a woman in another scene. I wish I could do a whole movie based around her. Veronica Avluv for president!!!! Oh and I would like to thank the fans that brought Veronica Avluv to my attention. If it weren’t for you I would’ve probably overlooked her. THANK YOU ALL!

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