6a00e553677dd08834019b02221697970cHanging out with Bonnie in the desert was different from the other girls. Bonnie is such a firecracker that you want to always approach a conversation with caution. Say the wrong shit and Bonnie will crew you up and spit you out. FAST! Bonnie saw me throwing rocks and challenged me to a rock-throwing contest. I was game. So here we are suppose to be setting up for this shot and we are throwing rock laughing like two kids. Here comes Jim to be the judge and tells me that I throw like a girl. He announced Bonnie is the winner. I couldn’t believe she would even think she could ever beat me a throwing rocks. But thanks to Jim she felt like she beat me. Fuck That!!! Hahahaha

The day of the scene I walked into the office where Bonnie was getting her makeup done. I went over to say hello and she was focused. I didn’t want to bother her too much due to me not trying to piss her off. After makeup was done Bonnie greeted me with that sisterly hug she always greets me with. IT was time to roll out to set. Driving with Bonnie in the car is a great feeling. There’s no need for a radio because the conversations we share are always pleasant.

Bonnie questioned me why I didn’t book her for a DP. She also asked if any of the other girls were doing a DP in the movie. I sat there dumbfounded because I didn’t even ask her. I told her it was an anal scene so that’s good enough. There’s nothing ever good enough for Bonnie when it comes to performing. She would take on the United States Military if she could. I just don’t have the budget to make that happen. I must admit the confidence that Bonnie has is outstanding. I’ve been in this industry for some time and what Bonnie has is rare.

This scene flowed easy. I was really trying to keep up myself. This fucking tiger of a women bonnie and Ramon where all over the place. I noticed that some reviewer said they couldn’t see the squirt and I’m just as pissed as you are that I couldn’t get the angle that I wanted. There’s really no reason other then there was a puddle on the floor and I didn’t want to slip. The sex was fire and I didn’t want to break any of it when you have the energy the way it was.

After the scene was done and Bonnie got on the floor to suck up some squirt I was thrown off by that. I can’t wait until I’m able to shoot bonnie again. I sit there and look at what Bonnie is able to do and I know why she was nominated for POTY. The best part of it all was I told everyone that Bonnie was going to win and when she did I stood up with my hands up as if I won something. I’m proud of my lil sis Bonnie for being the badass that she is…KEEP IT UP GIRL…

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