6a00e553677dd08834019b02221697970cThe new idea of shooting this movie was fantastic. The idea was based off of Allison Anders, Four Rooms.  Each director was instructed to direct a scene to his or her own liking. The intro was to have the girls walking all together and then each girl was going to venture off in their own direction. The Symbolic reason for this was each girl has their own path in where they would like to take their career this year. So with that idea the directors were suppose to bring that to light…. Key word: “Suppose”

I loved the idea but the idea never came to life. Maybe we can get it done this year but we shall see. Every director used the same formula and I was left out and my scenes didn’t have the original feel. I was laughed at because the three other directors followed the old ways and I was the only new one that didn’t. I didn’t feel bad because in return the boss said I was the only one that listened.

This was a great experience for me to be involved in creating visions for POTY. Not only did I direct two scenes, I was there to shoot the intro and see Carlos Dee work his magic. It was a good day hanging out with all the girls and have the boss sitting there playing with Remy’s German Sheppard. It’s funny when you are out in the middle of the desert with five stunning women. To cap it off the Air Force had some jets fly over and that shit was incredible. I was like a kid the whole day.

The first girl that I selected was MAddy. My reason was because I didn’t know her well and I would prefer to work with someone that’s new rather then someone I’m familiar with. Asa was surprised because they had a little bet on who I would select. I think she thought I would choose Skin first. I got the second girl out of default. We were supposed to pull numbers and have a raffle for the second scene but everyone was busy except me. Toni is a performer, Asia deals with everything, and Carlos is a man of many traits. So Bonnie was the other girl I had the pleasure selecting. Bonnie I’m familiar with so I knew she was going to be just as excited as I was.

Maddy O’Reilly was first up. I spoke with her about what she wanted to do and she informed me that she has yet to do a BBG scene. I was like, WHAT!?! Consider it done. Any time Maddy has something she hasn’t done and wants to do it, it needs to happen. Maddy is the type of girl who gets what she wants eventually. I didn’t want Elegant to miss out on a grand opportunity. Plus she wasn’t trying to over charge us for that type of scene.

Speaking with Maddy on set she informed me that I actually shot her once before for Mick Blue. I was embarrassed for not remembering the scene but it’s normal. You tend to go thru the motions and shoot camera and if it’s not my own production or Jaysin I usually don’t get excited about a scene. Maddy is a goofy girl with a crooked smile. She has that type of dry humor that makes you think about whether or not she just insulted you or made you feel silly. You know a girl with that sly attitude. That’s cool to me because I will get her to laugh out loud.

Eventually maddy opened up more and was smiling as we carried on conversations before the scene. I scared her by making fart noises while she was in the bathroom. All I heard was a gasp and a chuckle. With Maddy smiling and talking the day was perfect. Then it was time to shoot and the smile and laughter went away. I thought to myself, “Oh Shit, What just happened?” Then upon paying closer attention Maddy was in go mode. It’s funny because I spoke out loud. I said, “I got it!” Maddy then looked at me with a look of confusion. I told her I got her figured out. Maddy turns into a demon. When it’s time to shoot it’s all business. I was just taking pictures and she changed instantly. I’ve never seen that before!

The funny thing is she tried her hardest to stay focus but knowing my silly ass I was able to get her to smile and break her focus. I thought her focus was remarkable and it allowed me to know her demon comes out when she’s horny. There are no words, no jokes, and all business. The scene was perfect. I had no complaints and I was blown away at how much Maddy has grown since I first shot her for Mick. The thing that stood out the most was THAT ASS…HOLY SHIT BALLS BATMAN. I even asked her if it was real. Maddy smiled and said, “I went home to North Carolina and gained some weight” Makes me want to send every girl to North Carolina to get an ass like that.

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