Going into doing this movie I knew I had to bring it. Aaliyah Love was the main reason that I did this movie the way I did it. We made the deal about her first IR at the beginning of the year. I was trying to get Pretty Petite out sooner but we were both busy so I told Aaliyah I would do Caramel Hunnies first.

Of course there are other petite movies that came out this year, but I wanted to do something that set this movie from the rest. I study what others are shooting. When you have Chris Stream’s Young and Glamorous, Mason’s anal cuties, and William H’s Sweet Petite you need to bring something to the table that’s worth eating. One thing that’s different from the other movies that I listed above, there was “NO IR”. YES.

6a00e553677dd0883401a3fd376599970b-1Aaliyah Love vs. Prince
I remember Aaliyah Love talking about doing IR when she first started doing boy girl scenes. This was about five years ago when I first met Aaliyah. Who ever thought that I would have the opportunity to be able to shoot a first of her! At the time I was a PA for Pat Myne. So I really didn’t know what the future held for me.

The topic of Aaliyah’s first IR came about when I was hired to shoot a movie starring Aaliyah. I initiated the conversation because I knew I had a gig in the works. I could present myself to her with confidence of knowing what I could do. After a brief conversation we planned it out. I invited Aaliyah to the office so we can make this deal official.

All of what Aaliyah wanted I knew I could do. We spoke of the talent that she wanted. I explained to her the plans of this movie and she was excited. I feel that Aaliyah trusted me with what I wanted to do. Our visions are similar and I knew she would be happy.

Once we got to our location the look that she gave prince when he arrived on set was great. I sat back to watch the chemistry bloom. I purposely had her wait to do the tease until Prince was there to get him excited by watching her moves. I can honestly say that her tease/intro is by far the best.

The scene was going as we all expected it to go. We stopped to figure out where we would pop. I asked Aaliyah if she’s done an internal before. Aaliyah said she has done an internal before but gave a devilish smile when she said, “I’ve never had a black man’s cum inside me before”. Prince and myself looked at her and laughed because we both knew what each other were thinking…!

I can say that I am very thankful for Aaliyah allowing me to shoot her first IR scene. I think you guys will be very excited to know she will continue to do IR and I know there will be another chance for me to shoot another IR scene featuring this Blonde Bomb Bitch…(my nickname for Aaliyah)

Ashley Graham vs. Sean Michaels
Ashley sent me a dm on twitter about five months ago asking me if all IR scenes were geared to be racially motivated. I explained to Ashley how my scenes are NOT the typical IR scenes. I don’t want to shoot scenes where my guys are saying, “Suck This Nigga Dick!” If that’s your thing that’s cool, however it’s not the way I do things.

Upon hearing how I shoot Ashley told me that she would want to share her first IR with me. I didn’t know when I would be able to shoot it so I told her to check back with me in the near future. I must admit that when the time came to shoot Pretty Petite I forgot about Ashley. (Sorry babe) Out of no place she called me and I told her she had perfect timing.

Ashley to came see me at the office so we can discuss what was going on. As a surprise I had Sean Michaels come to meet Ashley to allow her to make a decision of whether it was someone that would peek her interest. Once they started to talk I knew she would want me to book him for her first IR scene.

I must give Ashley respect for her wanting to do her first IR and her first IR anal in the same scene. Not the one to take an opportunity away from her I asked Ashley if this is what she really wanted. Once we agreed we started setting up dates for history to take place.

I thought this scene wouldn’t become a reality. Ashley is very close to her family and had an emergency pop up. I’m family first and I told her that if she wanted to cancel I understand because family over business is always important. Luckily Ashley was able to take care of what she was able to care of and made it back to town in time.

Ashley really took Sean’s cock like a champ. There was something about Ashley that allowed me to be calm when it came to shooting this scene. Everything went better then expected. Once we were done I asked Ashley if this was what she wanted to experience, she looked at me and said, “I can’t wait to do it again!”

Casey Calvert & Penny Pax VS. Rico
When it came to putting this scene together I knew I didn’t want a DP. Since I wanted to keep it pretty sometimes DP’s can get a little rowdy. I never had the pleasure of shooting Casey Calvert and we’ve shared the conversation before. I knew I wanted to shoot Penny Pax again; so adding her to the mix was gold!

I didn’t know what the girl’s energy would be like prior to this scene. I’m usually in the office while the girls are getting makeup done to have a sense of what the day is going to be like. Once these stud bitches got to set, I knew we would have a great day.

I shot Casey and Penny the same day as Ashley because I loved this location so much. It was a great environment and the owner of the location was geeked out of his mind because I let him watch the scenes. I mean who wouldn’t want to watch Rico invade the assholes of these two beautiful ladies?

I promised Rico that I would give him two girls and I don’t think he expected two anal champs like the ones I had today. As planned, Rico destroyed both of them and I could’ve shot this scene for another twenty minutes but the light was starting to go. What wasn’t going were Casey and Penny’s appetite for more BBC.

6a00e553677dd0883401a73df259a0970dRiley Reid VS Jovan Jordan
Oh man was I excited for this! I have been waiting to shoot Riley Reid since I was joking around with her in Patrick Collins Bentley. I’ve always heard what a great starlet she is, but I haven’t been able to shoot her. I had a chance when it came to POTY but I opted for Maddy and Bonnie. I didn’t think Riley liked me too much. The energy wasn’t there and she would always give me a look that made me question if I did anything to her.

When I arrived at the office while Riley was getting her make-up done, I kindly asked the make-up artist to pause her work while I greet Riley with a monster hug. I wanted her to know just how excited I was about her working for me today. I’m a firm believer that if you greet someone with a nice hug, it allows him or her to know your character. And I’m not talking about a perv hug. Those come on a limited bases. Hahaha

While heading to the location Riley and myself stopped at a gas station. We pick up a conversation about what’s to come and what’s been going on. Riley has this spark about her where she can capture your heart with a look. Riley has a lot of good things to say. On our way to shoot the tease Riley was caught off guard by the beauty that surrounded us. I showed her the Veruca tree.

Riley is a natural at everything that she does. I purposely tried to get her to laugh and crack a giggle during the tease. No avail. Riley kept at it while Jovan and Potter were dying from the things I was saying while she was twerkin dat ass. To be a petite woman, Riley has an amazing body. I think that surprised me the most. I’ve never seen her body up close and man oh man is it great.

There’s nothing like a small chick taking a huge dick. (Sounds like a too long title to a skin flick) Jovan was the stud for today’s affair. With his massive cock I knew Riley would turn up. Just as she saw it Riley went to work. Even with a swollen pussy Riley still was on beast mode. I even got a nice little squirt to coat the lens of my camera. I didn’t want to cut but I had to due to the fluids blocking all the action.

I loved this scene from start to finish. The energy was there. The hotness was there. And the load was crazy. I can’t wait to book Riley again because I think I need to see her in another light. Stay tuned….

Veruca James VS. Prince
Besides the Aaliyah Love scene, I can say this scene is another special one. “THE FANS” made this scene happen. I had two hours until I had to turn in the scene breakdown. It was a surprise to be adding another scene to this movie. I was stuck. So looking at the same girls I wanted to get the fans involved. I allowed the fans to vote on the next Pretty Petite starlet. Veruca and Violet Monroe took command of this contest right away. I enjoyed this process and it was fucking exciting.

From the way the movie is set out, Veruca won the contest. In return I took Violet out to lunch that same day. We shared a laugh about how she felt her fans didn’t post right and she should’ve won. Violet was happy about Veruca winning but warned me about revenge on the next contest.

Veruca is amazing. I met her a few years ago on a jaysin set. Back then she was new to speig, so I expected huge things. For some odd reason those huge things are still yet to come. Veruca is extremely under rated. I’m glad that I was able to get her some light in this movie. I must admit the fans know about who’s underrated more then I do.

I knew that this scene was going to be off the chain. Veruca is so easy going and down for whatever. There’s never a dull moment when she’s around. Once Prince got to set the heat got turned on. We all share great chemistry so there wasn’t a doubt in my mind of anything going wrong today.

During the sexual dominance Prince was displaying on Veruca, I’ve thought of something I’ve always wanted to do while someone was filming. I’ve always wanted to high five the stud when he’s killing it. So since I’m the director and this is probably my last movie for elegant I wanted to do this. And guess what? You know ya boi did it too. Hahahaha. You can find this part in the BTS section.

After the scene I took Veruca James to her spot I wanted to film her tease. There was this massive tree and it had Veruca written all over it. I’m a person that loves nature and this tree called out to me. I filmed about thirty minutes worth of tease with this tree because there were so many things you can film. I fell in love with this tree and the way Veruca embraced this idea was the bonus. As a director you never really know how things are going to turn out until it’s edited. However I knew this scene would have the explosive effect the fans caused to make it happen.

I don’t know what the future hold, I guess we will see, Thank You all for standing beside me.

It’s been a great run, lots of memories were made, when I look back I wish everyone would’ve stayed.

There will come a time where we will met again, It just sad that we have come to an end?

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