SlutWoman is here!!! I’ve never been so excited for a movie to come out. There’s never been a bigger release for me. The only time I’ve been this is excited for something to come out is when I was in high school waiting for the Wu Tang Forever double disk to drop.

So with SlutWoman finally upon us I think it’s time for me to give you guys a run down of what happened with this movie from a different perspective from what I revealed before. As I’ve mentioned I didn’t want to use talent that was in another movie that featured Maddy. I went to Maddy and asked her to make sure she didn’t repeat anything.

I think the most challenging part of SlutWoman was for Maddy to not be so submissive. The whole industry knows that she’s a super sub. However there is another side of Maddy that comes out in glimpses. I wanted this to be on full display. Whether or not we accomplished this is for you guys to judge. I think we did a great job of bringing a different side of Maddy out.

slut1Maddy verses Derrick Pierce
This scene was the most important scene for Maddy. It was the most challenging due to the type of scene and who was in the scene. Derrick Pierce was selected by Maddy. Now I’m not going to go into full detail about what was said or whom said what. I will say that Maddy made sure Derrick was cast in this scene because she wanted him that bad. I felt with what scenario we had planned he was the perfect person to do this.

The chemistry between these two is remarkable. This was also the only scene we gave Maddy the okay to be a sub. We had to give her at least one fix where she could give herself to a guy instead of trying to be aggressive. I think even if she would’ve tried Derrick would’ve laughed her off.

This location was a last minute location due to me not wanting anything to look similar to another scene that was shot for Elegant. So two days before the scene I cancelled the original location and scrapped the scenario. Maddy wasn’t happy. Jim wasn’t happy either and told me I was stupid for changing it up. Maddy wanted to shoot a shower scene that was going to really get us in deep water so I pissed her off when I ignored her request to help. I was too excited about my idea.

So I had to rush over to my location to take pictures to calm Maddy and Jim down. Once I took pictures I immediately sent them to Maddy for approval. She loved the whole idea. Jim didn’t pay too much attention because he felt I was still stupid. Once I got the approval from Maddy that’s all I needed. What people might not understand is I come up with crazy shit all the time. I wrote out majority of the scenes scenarios in about 90 mins. Maddy was impressed because we were texting and coming up with ideas and I sent her a picture of the whole movie breakdown while going over things.

This scene happened the best way that it could. Once I looked at the playback of the scene I was heart broken. We shot on a windy day and the wind was eating my mic up. The sound for the scene was so bad I thought I was going to have to shoot it all again. This was going to take some of my personal money to shoot this. If it wasn’t for my editor saving my ass I would’ve done so.

I enjoyed this scene because the chemistry was as real as it could get. I really knew Maddy enjoyed this scene due to her wanting to go longer after we had more then enough time.

Maddy verses Jada Stevens & Phoenix Marie
This night was a fun night. I mean you have three of the biggest asses in the industry in the same room. Omfg! What made this scene so much fun is I’m friends with Phoenix and Jada. So it really didn’t feel like work. It felt like four friends all hanging out having a good time. I must admit Phoenix cracked a joke on me. She got me good.

While the girls were getting their makeup done I get a text from Phoenix saying Jada is getting her hair in corn rolls. I’m thinking okay that’s not a problem because I’ve seen her do it before so okay whatever. Phoenix then text me about how unfair this is and how she wants corn rolls too. Then she sends me a picture of how these corn rolls look. I tell her that’s not a good idea and she didn’t reply. An hour later Maddy text me and says Phoenix is almost done with her corn rolls. I’m thinking to myself holy shit this girl is gonna look bad. I immediately got on the phone to call my make up artist and no answer. By this time I’m pissed. Twenty minutes go by and I receive a ¬†call with all three girls making fun of me. THANKS PHOENIX! She got me good.

These scene was smooth and Phoenix brought this bad ass dildo that I’ve never seen before. It had a handle and it was easy to work it in a chicks ass. Phoenix also came up with the idea of having Maddy take two toys to give us another DP in the movie. Jada was there for the ride and she got lost in playing with the Hitachi. Jada got so worked up that her pussy got swollen. SUPER SWOLLEN. We spent about thirty minutes making fun of her pussy that she didn’t want to shoot the scene. She thought her pussy looked bad. I will tell you now you will be seeing Jada in a future Jaysin video with a puffy pussy.

This scene went as smooth as it could possibly go. The energy was there. The girls were cool with all the anal play and it was just a great time. I enjoyed having these girls around. It was never a dull moment that went by.

Maddy verse Rico Strong and Wesley Pipes
This was a scene that I fought for. My boss didn’t really care about a DP in the movie. Of course Maddy wanted to do it so I had to make sure this was in the movie because I wanted it just as much. I mean there’s only a certain amount of girls that share history with companies. Elegant is the only place you can see Tori Black’s DP. Of course I know Maddy will do another but I wanted to have that imprint of 1st DP on my first major movie at Elegant. And as you can see now I got what I wanted.

slut2The bonus of the scene is the double vag. I wasn’t expecting that and there were no plans of doing it. I can say once there was talk of double anal Maddy was like uh I’m not ready for that. Those words rarely come out of this girls mouth. Maddy is a force of sexual nature as I’m sure you all already know.

The funniest part of this day was Maddy being smack dead in the hood with all my homies around. I can tell she had dirty thoughts just by the way she was looking. That came later in the day because Maddy was spooked originally. As you know not everyone can film a scene right in the hood. Maddy became comfortable when she noticed that I knew all the homies around.

I choose Rico and Wesley not only because they work well together but they are authentic. Most people would’ve grabbed Prince and Lex to do her first DP however I wanted two guys that was familiar with the streets of LA. Maddy agreed with me. This wasn’t something we wanted to just do but instead put thoughts behind everything.

I’m not going to go into the drama that happened during the scene because you will have to listen to the SlutWoman podcast for all the stories that went on. I’m sure you guys will enjoy that. I can say this scene almost didn’t get done completely but eventually everything played itself out. For this scene I didn’t want anything clean. I wanted everything “as is”. I feel we were able to accomplish that.

Maddy verses Skin Diamond and Erik Everhard
I must admit out of all the scenes we worked on this one took the most thought. I wanted to make sure I could make this look like how I pictured it. I think the most challenging part was to have enough light in this huge warehouse. I have never filmed anything light this so I wanted it to be right.

This scene was also the first time I’ve worked with Skin Diamond. I’ve heard everyone say how great she is to shoot and this was my chance. Even though Maddy was there and we had to share I don’t think anyone would even consider this a problem. Hahahaha. Skin was perfect for the part we wanted her to play. Maddy and myself agreed that she could pull this off better then anyone else could.

This scene was the most I lost sleep over. Every location I’ve used was new to me and porn for that matter. Of course I went out to cast these locations personally but it’s always different when your actually there. Out of all the locations this one just fit naturally. It felt like how you view it on your scene. Everything just felt right.

Erik totally killed this scene and the energy was the same throughout the scene. My most favorite part of the scene is when Skin was grinding herself on Maddy’s back as Erik was pounding Maddy’s asshole. It was one of those moments where you can’t direct a girl to do that. She just does it.

I must admit this was my favorite scene due to the fact it was the most challenging and I had so much fun creating something that wasn’t average. Then you have to add the chemistry between these three professional performers. Sometimes you feel you can’t do anything wrong and this scene was that. Gotta love how Erik manhandled these two girls and didn’t stop for air until I cut to figure out where we were gonna pop.

I must say everyone made this movie special. It was great being side by side with Maddy doing something we both love. Maddy really earned her co directors credit and I hope she really uses what she’s learned to grow in the directors chair. I can’t thank Jim enough for selecting me for this movie. Even though I wanted to give this movie to Toni Ribas. I voiced this to Maddy and she said if I didn’t direct this movie she wouldn’t feature it in. I really learned a lot doing this movie and I wanna give a HUGE thanks for everyone that’s a part of the Freaky Crew that helped pushed this movie. The promo was superior and I would like to salute Nelson X for doing an excellent job at making things happen. A special Thank You goes to my other half of my two man crew #RushHourBoyz Jeff Koga. You will see some of his pictures from set. Also I would like to thank my idol Richard Avery for lending me his home and advice for getting this movie done the best way I could. Another special Thank You goes to Tori Black for helping me sleep on the nights that I couldn’t due to me going crazy about shooting this movie.

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. It’s really a memorable moment in my history of this business.

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