Who Is MimeFreak?
MimeFreak is me taking a mask to take away my true identity to allow my creativity to speak in the form of actions. I care not of the credit people give me due to who I’m affiliated with but salute those who appreciate the art of which I’m able to create.

Where Does MimeFreak come from?
MimeFreak comes from all areas. The streets, the surburbs, the hole in the ground and dust from the outer galaxy that’s found it’s way to earth. MimeFreak comes from a collection of matter formed from other objects. Nothing is true to it’s original form and that’s where MimeFreak really comes from….all things in one.

What Inspires MimeFreak?
I would like to think all things that are odd within reason really inspire me. I could look at the way spit is displayed on the ground and find a way for that to inspire me. Simple things that really don’t have a strong meaning to most will stand will stand out to me. I can’t connect to what’s considered normal in our society. So I look to obscenities to really get my juices flowing.

Why Porn?
Shit, why not? Porn is a real underground type environment to me. I got my introduction in the business by pornography legend Chris Streams. Chris saw me at Bed Bath & Beyond and turned my life inside out. Porn is also a way for my to be creative in an unusual way.

What did you do before Porn?
I come from a mortgage background. I worked for New America Financial and Countrywide Home Loans. I was in mortgage for about six years. Before that I was working any job I could get my hands on. If they were paying, I was working.

What was your first porn movie?
To this day I can honestly say the only porn I ever paid for was extra copies of the movies I’ve made to give away to friends, family, and fans. The first porn movie I ever watched was Cinderella Directed By: Michael Pataki.

Who’s your favorite porn star?
Belladonna. When I saw Belladonna I wasn’t attracted to her face. I was blown away by her sexuality. Belladonna wasn’t the girl next door that was normally displayed in porn. Belladonna looked like a character out of 48Hrs. bar scene with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy. When I finally had the honor of meeting Belladonna, I learned quickly of why she’s one of porn’s favorite girls.

Do you ever get excited while being on set?
I can’t say that I do. However I have fucked one particular girl after I finished filming her. It was a milk scene and I have to bust a nut in her. So after I was done I made her do a solo with my cum coming out of her.

What’s your favorite part of the business?
Being a director. It’s an incredible feeling to have complete creative control over sexual situations. I feel like an evil perverted chemist that can match different people together to see what the results would be.

Do you have a favorite scene?
Two. They are both scenes from Jaysin Movies. Anal Buffet 5 featuring Tori Black and Alexis Texas. Reasoning being is it was two iconic girls going at it with anal play. The next is Anal Abyss 3 featuring Kylie Ireland, Amber Rain and Nikki Hunter. I witnessed Kylie put 40 inches in her ass. How many times can you say you witness something like that? You cant!