mf_fanssThis is probably my most special blog to date. Reason being is it’s for The Fans. I want you all to understand that with your help I have been able to become an elite director in this industry. There is nothing like having a crowd of people that enjoy talking to me and helping me out when it comes to all things I post on Twitter or ADT. I also enjoy all the things you guys say about my movies. I love to surprise you guys with trailers and new things to keep ya’ll wanting more.

I wish there was a way that I could personally thank all of you. Of course if I had the money I would fly you all down and we would party like no other. For those of you that are local that’s highly possible. Just keep watching for the day when I throw a party. However I think I will get some pictures made and everyone on my list I will mail them something to show them my appreciation.

The support that I have received from you guys is very much appreciated. I read everything and I respond to almost everything. I must say if there is something I missed it’s because I intentionally ignored it. I must say 75% of the girls that you guys send to me are on point. The last 25% I’m thinking to myself what the hell are you thinking? I laugh at some of the girls you guys recommend due to you being the only person that’s probably rooting for her. I still look, however I wouldn’t put certain girls in my movies. I also would like to recommend that you look at Elegant’s site to see what type of girls we shoot.

I didn’t want to be involved in the drama that I heard comes from ADT. Now that I’m there I have to say I wish I‘d joined sooner. I tend to believe all things happen the way they are suppose to so I must admit I was wrong. I’ve learned so much from being over there and the girls they recommend are diamonds in the rough. I look forward to shooting some of those girls you have shown me.

I’m going to send a HUGE THANK YOU to the fans I will list below. Please don’t be offended if I missed you due to the amount of people I interact with.

Bruce Aaron
Sword & Sheild
John (JKReviewsADT)
Alexi David
Mo Ecyws
Mike (Dteam5)
Bene 86
Mr Thailer
Brian Puckett
David Raven
Joe Rios
The Legend