There’s nothing that I can say about Jada Stevens that you don’t already know. I knew after having the fans vote on their favorite booty Jada was going to be the main chick. Dark Falcon told me that Jada is a black man kryptonite. From my dealings with the fans, I think she’s every man’s kryptonite black or white.

When it comes to Jada’s Booty there’s no other booty that comes close when it includes ass/hip ratio. Truth to be told a fat ass isn’t a fat ass to me if there’s no hips involved. That gives every fat chick a chance to say they got booty. That’s false. Wait. That’s just my opinion.

The greatest part about this scene is it’s round two of Jada Vs Prince II. For those who don’t know I shot these two for “Up That White Ass 4” The fans enjoyed it and they have been requesting those two to go at it again. Sssssooooooo since this movie is all about the fans, I made sure to cast them together. What can I say…I love to make people happy!

Before I end this post, I can tell you that Jada Stevens won round one of the power fuckers. Round two will be for you guys to judge….But I knew who won in my eyes.

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