I first met Jada Stevens on Mike Adriano’s set. Jada had on a blue and orange jersey on with some blue panties. I was pissed because here Mike was shooting this chick and I couldn’t believe I missed her.

I didn’t want to interrupt mike’s set but I had to find out what the hell this girl’s name was. I asked his assistant what her name was and who represented her. At the time Jada was with OC Models. I quickly grabbed my phone and called Phil to see what days Jada had free to see if Jaysin could shoot her.

Phil told me what a stud jada was and that she did everything we were looking for. I turned to Jaysin who was also just as intrigued as I was and we booked her right away. We knew what dirty things we could do, but the real question was if Jada was down for the cause?

We finally got Jada on set and immediately I presented her with dildos, balls, and other crazy things jaysin wanted to know if she would try. Jada looked at everything and said she was down for whatever. Jaysin and myself were so fucking excited.

The first thing we had Jada try was a ball. We knew she could take dick so we wanted to raise the bar a little higher. After trying for a little bit in the bathroom she opened the door and stuck her head out and said I need help. I quickly rushed over to her and she said the ball is stuck. Of course you know my ass had to laugh and make fun of her. We eventually got the ball out and Jada felt like we thought she couldn’t do it.

Not only did Jada consider Jaysin indirectly challenged her but she came back and demanded her to be called an anal queen. After shooting more then a dozen scenes for Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Zero Tolerence and countless other internet companies I can honestly say that Jada Stevens has showed up and shown out. The only mishap I’ve had with Jada was that little blue ball in the bathroom.

Jada came in the industry as a blonde starlet to a full brunette anal queen. Jada is truly a Georgia peach. Jada is also VERY underrated and still overlooked. Not only can she handle dick she’s about one of the nicest girls in the industry. I am proud to say that Jada is also A FRIEND. I cannot and will not say that about everyone but Jada Stevens is the shit!!!

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