Shame on me! Looking back on my site I regret not making my own damn wife Freak of the Month. However there’s timing with everything I do. Tori Black has shot her directorial debut for ArchAngel. Tori’s movie features non-other then the lustful brunette Kendra Lust. I’m extremely proud of Tori’s accomplishments in the last few months.

I know a few of you don’t really know what’s going on with Tori due to her not opening up as much to the public but let me share a few things with you. First and foremost she’s been featured on Showtime’s Ray Donovan Show. I was right there when she auditioned for the show and she impressed the cast director before she even opened her mouth. Tori has a natural gift of acting. It comes so easy for her so I knew it wouldn’t be too difficult to land a gig on the show. Tori is also going to be featured in another main stream movie called L.A. Slasher Check the trailer out here;

I know she’s going to kill me but this chick also has her own whiskey coming out. Then to add to that she has her own energy drink coming as well. Just when I thought I could compete this woman, she has taken shit to another level. So many people ask why isn’t she performing and when she’s coming back. When I look at how tori has added to her brand, ask yourself, would you go back to performing if your brand is still growing the way it is? That’s why I just sit back and laugh at what she’s been able to accomplish with just doing what comes naturally.

I can’t tell you enough about this amazing woman. I mean of course you all are thinking with a lustful mind due to her being a top-notch starlet in our industry but she bears so many gifts. And please don’t think I’m over here drunk in love and shit and just kissin ass since she’s my wife but she’s nothing short of an icon in our industry. Since before we were an item she’s been a trailblazer. One of the original girls to come out the gate performing IR because she was into it and didn’t listen when the naysayers said it would harm her career. I mean IR is now a fad but she’s never had a First IR scene. I take my hat off to her for keeping it 100 from jump street. Plus it’s been a powerful message to not only her agent but to other agents that have told their girls that IR isn’t the way to go. I tell girls to do it the Tori Black way…it’s your career and do what you feel. If you pay attention to the industry, some girls just don’t get it still to this day. I mean she’s only avn’s two-time poty back to back. And who’s done that before? Nobody.

One thing I can say about Tori is when I first met her she was always nice to everyone on set. There wasn’t anything you couldn’t talk to her about. And I tease her about it today because it was also a problem because the makeup artist was always drawn to her conversations instead of hurrying the hell up so we can get home. Tori has the clout to be a diva but she’s just your average down home chick. Truth be told if I have the homies over drinking beer and watching football, guess who’s sitting right there cheering on the Seahawks loud as hell with us drinking beer?

I’ve watched this beautiful woman transform from being a workaholic to being an amazing mother and wife. There’s nothing I have yet to see her struggle with. In the four years that we have been together she’s changed in so many positive ways. She’s a gift to my family and everyone around her loves her. When you take time to speak with her know that she’s being herself. I can’t wait for you all to get a close grasp on what it’s like to be around her all the time. And if you have a brain I just dropped a major hint on you all. Stay tuned…

Ps: I thank her for believing in me and enhancing my brand with leading by example and being so encouraging. You have made me a better man, father, friend, and director. From Elegant Angel, to Arch Angel, to the Freaky Crew and to our future endeavors you have been a great impression to all I have built. I love you mama…Keep up the good work as well.