mf_coverfreakyI have been asked the question of, what’s the Freaky Crew? To me this is a movement to bridge the gap between the fans and porn stars. It’s a way for us to help each other out and get the word out of who is trying to grow. When you think about history there has always been an elite club that only a selective amount of people are invited to join. I’m sure you heard of Skull & Bones, Masons, and even the Boy scouts.

Of course there are benefits to belonging to this crew. For the girls that are in this crew I will be creating 8x10’s as a gift to give to the fans when they attend events. I will also do what I can to make sure they are pushed in the right direction with what I can. Meaning if there is an opportunity to book them for a shoot and put them on a box cover I will. I mean if they are apart of something that I’m apart of we have to act like a team correct? So look for the girls of my crew to be featured on some of my future boxes. I already have two that are coming real soon.

I will also help the girls get connected with things they need when it comes to industry needs. Other benefits for the Girls are things like a photographer, Videographer, location or even talent for a content trade type ordeal. I have a directory to help the girls in many ways. Plus all the girls in the crew have immediate access to me as well. Everyone knows I love to take pictures and shoot camera, so if I’m not busy we can shoot!

Now for the fans this will be beneficial for you guys more then anything. To be apart of this crew all I ask is everyone to help the porn girls get full support with anything they need help with. Things like when it’s time for voting for something, getting attention to a scene/movie of their choice, or anything they need to help them grow. In return I will make sure that you are rewarded with signed movies, chances to win clothes from set, discount on items being sold at shows, and other things I will mention as it comes up.

The first event will be coming up at Exxxotica Atlantic City. All of the members that are in the crew can give a code to Tori Black and receive a discount on merchandise that she is selling.  I will be making sure everyone has the code via twitter. I will be trying different things as time goes by so there is never a dull moment for us. Let’s have some fun and represent our crew the way we know how. Say, Word!

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