Ain’t no pussy like new pussy. The starlets featured in Future Angels are just that, New Pussy. I’ve been accused of having favoritism so I wanted to go out and shoot a fresh faces type line. In this day and age with porn you have so many girls. Porn has become a revolving door where girls quickly come and quickly go. When it comes to Future Angels I’m trying my hand at picking some girls I feel will be around for a while. This is my opinion on these girls…Remember, my opinion is my own. If you don’t like it there’s other blogs you can go look at.

Paisley Parker
Paisley is a firecracker. Paisley first came to see me at the ArchAngel office about two months ago. Once she started talking I thought to myself, damn this chick is loud. I started to make fun of how loud she was speaking about why she decided to start a career in porn. I remember telling her to calm down and talk to me without screaming. I know she can’t help but to be excited to be talking about her career.

The reason why I choose Paisley to be in this movie is because of the energy that she has for this industry. She also has a good head on her shoulders and she has a formula that she plans to use to enhance her career. Paisley is also starting up her own clips for sale store that will feature her expressing her sexuality through her own perverted little way.

After shooting Paisley in Future Angels I know that with the right opportunity and guidance she will do something that will leave people wanting more from her. Be on the lookout for this Future Angel.

Dylan Phoenix
Dylan is going to be a trendsetter. Once I first laid eyes on her I was like HOLY SHIT. There was no way this girl was 19. How she presented herself and spoke about her goals one would never be able to guess her age. I saw looking at her agent Jonathan Morgan grin with approval knowing she was the type of girl that I wanted to shoot right away. I took her in the photography room to take pictures of her and that’s when I was amazed even more with her body.

Born and raised in Las Vegas I knew she was hip to the game when she told me she started off as a dancer. As you can see the girl knows how to work the pole. Dylan was edger to show me what she could do. I knew this girl was ready due to the way she was talking about her goals that she wants to reach when given the opportunity. To my surprise I later learned who her mother is. I will let you know right now the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. DAMN.

I think we will see a lot of explosions that will come from Dylan’s scenes. I will not go into full details of what she has shared with me but I will warn you by saying this girl is an animal. Right now she’s on a very short leash. I would dare anyone to take her off that leash to let her run wild. If you do your ass better run and hide in the hills if you are ready for a challenge.

Olivia Austin
Before I met Olivia I was talking to one of the freaky crew guys to let them know we needed a new blonde in the industry. Someone that has the looks of innocence with the sex drive of a demon. Olivia is just that. Olivia found me on twitter and wanted to pay me a visit at the office. I couldn’t tell her no! Immediately we kicked things into gear about how she should go about finding the right agent and presenting herself to the world.

One thing I can say about Olivia is that she’s funny. Funny in like a green type of way. If you know me you know I’m known for saying random shit that doesn’t make sense. Guess who believed me in some of that random shit? Olivia. Olivia is another starlet that will be hard to deal with once she’s able to roam around the yard a little bit. I had to talk her down from just jumping out there trying to do some shit that she should wait.

I’m proud to say that you will be seeing lots more of Olivia from ArchAngel. I couldn’t help myself to try to impress her enough so she would want to shoot for our company again. I don’t wanna spill any secrets or give too much away but I want you guys to keep an eye out for this one.

Cassidy Klein
I will say this here and I mean what I’m about to say. There is no other all-natural starlet in the industry that I’m more excited about then Cassidy Klein. I’m a firm believer that everyone has their own unique style but I place Cassidy in a lane with only a few girls have been. I received an email about Cassidy Klein and I called her agent right away. I told him whenever she’s available for a go-see I wanted to meet her asap.

Cassidy Klein is a great combination of a hippy slut. I know this is a bit confusing and probably an oxymoron but I will explain. Cassidy walked into my office with a nice dress on, very soft spoken with a smile that makes you feel warm inside. Being from the OC you get that cali girl feel. Talking to Cassidy about her start was easy flowing like water. Once it was time photograph her, Cassidy peeled her dress off and I was floored. Now the dress she wore showed her curves but when that dress hit the floor so did my camera. I had to get a look with a perverted eye before I could be professional.

Saying I was impressed is an understatement. Being a huge fan of Mary Jane only enhanced my guess of her being a hippy. So I had the opportunity of shooting this woman. I was told how wild she was sexually. I can sadly say it was a tease of what she could’ve done due to the lack of energy our known to struggle stud displayed that day. I was pissed for her. The second effort she presented in Future Angels was what I expected. This girl is wild and you will witness it yourself. I can’t wait until I shoot another scene featuring Cassidy. I’m really going to present her in top fashion that will leave you all screaming for more.