Last February before the start of the 2014 NBA All-Star Game I was on Twitter and I noticed a certain director in the Adult Film Industry Tweeting about the upcoming clash of the NBA’s Elite. Being a fan of basketball and porn, it seemed like a great opportunity to interact with the one and only MimeFreak. We had limited interaction on Twitter before however, the NBA All-Star game set the stage for the beginning of something more impactful than Tweeting about the NBA’s Elite players.

MimeFreak being a native of California reps the West Coast like no other and yours truly representing the East Coast. It seemed like a logical choice to suggest a bet on the All-Star Game. MimeFreak was confident that the West All-Stars would prevail because the West had the best teams and I was confident in the East All-Stars because they had the best player in the game, Lebron James. The stage was set for the bet between MimeFreak and myself.

As the game progressed, MimeFreak and myself went back and forth on Twitter about the All-Star game and which team was going to win. When the West All-Stars took a lead MimeFreak Tweeted a lot of Trash and when the East All-Stars went ahead I talked trash to MimeFreak. A friendly rivalry developed during the All-Star Game and as the game progressed other folks on Twitter chimed in during our exchange and we both realize that this digital interaction between a director of adult films and a fan was both rewarding and informative.

The Bet consisted of MimeFreak getting me an AutoGraphed copy of a movie featuring the lovely Jada Stevens on box cover if the East All-Stars won. I would have to make $50.00 donation to a performer of his choosing gift page. Needless to say, both our competitive sides were in high gear since we wanted our teams to win. The 2014 NBA All-Star game was memorable match up between the East and West but in the end Eastern All-Stars prevailed.

True to his word MimeFreak sent me an Autographed DVD with Jada Stevens on the Box Cover a couple of days later. MimeFreak may have lost the bet however, an idea was born. We both realize the power of social media and how getting fans, directors and performers interacting with one another in a positive fashion was a great idea. MimeFreak floated the concept of the #FreakyCrew and I thought it was a brilliant concept.

The #FreakyCrew started out as a hashtag on Twitter however, it has evolved to something much bigger. The #FreakyCrew has become a rallying cry for anyone who wants to have positive interaction with people that create and enjoy adult entertainment. The #FreakyCrew has allowed fans, performers and directors to interact in real time and share what they like about the industry. Through the concept of the #FreakyCrew, MimeFreak has been able to create podcasts, merchandise and get real feedback about his work from the fans.

MimeFreak has been able to lead online voting efforts with projects attached to Arch Angel and fans have gotten improved interaction some of the biggest names in the adult film industry. However, beyond the movies, the fan voting and daily tweets with members of the #FreakyCrew. The best thing about the #FreakyCrew has been the real friendship that I’ve have with my brother MimeFreak. It started out as a bet our Twitter exchange last February was the foundation of a movement that has lasted a year.

The great lesson about the #FreakyCrew is the fact that you never know when a great idea will emerge. What I respect the most about MimeFreak is desire to give back to the fans and enhance their experience with the adult film industry. He really cares about the fans, the performers, the crew and the adult film industry as a whole. The #FreakyCrew has become something that has connected people from all around the world that didn’t exist before the 2014 NBA All-Star Game.

The past year its been a wild ride being one of Generals of the #FreakyCrew and I look forward to continued growth and success of the #FreakyCrew movement. Thank you MimeFreak and Tori Black for you sincerity and leadership. Long live the #FreakyCrew.