mf_stopThis blog is my list of things that porn stars should stop doing. Now I know there will be things on this list that will piss some people off but hey, let’s remember this is strictly my opinion. I don’t take time to blast anyone or point fingers I’m just going to bring up things I feel the need to speak up on.

Stop lying to the fans
Now there comes a time where you get girls that will come out and say they will perform a certain type of scene that knows will get them attention. Like for instance that good ol interracial subject. If you’re going to do it, fine. Please stop dragging the fans along just so you can get attention.

You want to say nigga this, nigga that and listen to all types of hip-hop but you claim you are waiting to do your first IR scene. There’s nothing like allowing the fans to know the truth. If it’s about wanting the right price, say that then. Don’t ignore fans, lie about it or bring attention to it if there are no plans to do so. Some of these fans are hardcore and the greatest thing you can do is be honest about it.

Oh and please stop blaming your agents for telling you that interracial will ruin your career. When you look at most of the performers of the year you will see that most of those girls have done interracial. If you aren’t attracted to black men that’s totally fine and we will respect that…but stop lying!!!!

Wishing On A gift 
I find it very funny for some girls to ask for things off Amazon with the money they are making shooting porn. Now I understand some of the girls who need things because they generally can’t afford it or they live in the sticks so they can’t access certain things but c’mon. I know what some of you are getting paid per scene because I have personally cut you a check or called to ask your rate. When you look at the top girls of our industry they never have an Amazon list and always encourage fans to support their favorite movie.

Instead of asking for fans to buy you things I would suggest you sale things like clothing or signed DVD’s through a website. There are numerous of ways that you can make money from fans instead of flat out asking them to go to your Amazon list to purchase something. I look at it as a homeless person that’s in a designer suit with a sign on the side of the freeway asking for money. You would make fun of that person because it wouldn’t make sense right? Exactly. It sucks because there are girls out there who have great websites that work hard to gather members by investing in there scenes and here you go asking fans to purchase things that won’t even benefit you in the long run.

Sloppy Selfies
Now we all love a good picture taken by our favorite porn star. There’s nothing like a great boob pic or ass pic that’s exclusively taken for the fans, right!?! Hell Yea! However you will come across a few girls that will take a selfie and their bedrooms look like trash. It’s like hold up. Now if you are trying to look sexy but you have clothes piled up around your bed, old soda cups on the dresser, nasty ass oatmeal in a bowl, and dog food as well, that shit aint sexy at all.

There’s not a person in the world that feels sexy and want to share how they look every now and then but please do yourself a favor and clean up your mess before you do so. I was once told that no amount of deodorant or cologne could mask the smell of dirt when you decide to skip a shower. So if you are taking selfies and your room aint straight I can only imagine how long you have had your panties on.

Oh and for the record I don’t think guys that aren’t known for having a heavy female fan base should indulge in selfies.  I mean if you aren’t gay, but that’s another conversation.

No Sex Advice
I tend to run into starlets that just got in the business trying to give out sex tips. If you don’t cut it out. If you haven’t been in the industry at least five years you need to learn your body first. I saw this one new starlet try to tell a guy how to fuck a pussy and then a few hours later she is having pussy problems. C’mon Man! How you gone tell some guy how to please a woman but you don’t have the education to take care of your cum catcher? I just laughed and shook my head.

I know there are girls in this industry that really know their bodies and also reach out to girls that are in need. If you need help seek it without talking about it on twitter. Please call your agent or call a doctor. There’s no need to ask fans for pussy advice when there is Google that can assist you. Now if you generally have an issue then this part of the blog isn’t for you, but if you want to try to help others please help yourself first.

You ain’t about that life
The most irritating thing that bothers me the most are the girls/guys that talk that rah rah shit. Okay. Now this industry is small and you will most likely run into everyone at one time or another. You see it all the time where girls/guys are talking like when I see this person I’m going to do this and do that. Next thing you know you see that same person at a convention and they don’t do shit but roll their eyes or try not to make contact at all. I don’t like violence nor do I condone it. I grew up in the streets of South Central Los Angeles and violence was all I was surrounded by. I’m used to when someone threaten me it’s time to take action. But one thing is you don’t speak about it, you be about it.

In this day in age I think people easily get upset over what’s said on a social media site then ever. Then instead of talking to the person to try to get an understanding you wanna fly off the handle over something real simple. I advise you to not express your anger or animosity until you know the facts instead of assumptions. I’ve lost so many homies in these streets over bullshit and it’s not okay to have people talk about causing another person harm over simple shit that can be worked out. However when you talk that talk remember that you can easily be found whether it’s on set, in the streets or at your home. So just remember your words can cause more harm and you need to be careful.