I know many of you saw me tweet that there was a new trend that’s going on in the adult industry. This new trend is LOVE. There’s more adult industry couples currently then there’s ever been. This is something I feel is very positive when it comes to our industry. So many people on the outside looking in judge our performers due to the image we have when we are on the job that they don’t really look past it.

I think what really made me think of this trend is thinking of the love that was displayed at last years avn when Mick Blue and Annika Albrite shared a tear on the stage together. With me knowing annike and Mick personally I knew why they both shed a tear. It was really great to see performers displaying they are human. The reason I also use Mick and Annika as an example is they don’t hide their affection on social media and they represent themselves in a great way to allow the outsides that we are capable of loving.

Normal relationships in the industry aren’t brought out to light in fear of it harming a starlet’s career. So if some of the girls in the industry have boyfriends or husbands they sometimes fear of allowing everyone in on what’s going on with them personally. Technically speaking I don’t think it would cause harm if it’s true love. Also I feel you should be proud to know there is someone you can call your own. Majority of relationships don’t work in the industry due to so much outside relationship interference. I’ve battled my way with so many things and opinions of others with my own relationship. I was once called a suit case pimp because of my wife’s decision to not perform while being focused on starting a family.

I salute all the industry personal that are in a tight relationship and allow the world to know they are in love and happy. I’ve seen so many girls feel insecure about not being able to find someone to appreciate them and look at them other then a sex symbol. There are so many directions that I can take this blog but I will end it here. I would love to reveal whom these individual but I won’t because I didn’t ask permission prior to this blog. But if you look closely you can see them.