mf_motivationThere’s always a reason why you have certain people become motivated to succeed. Nelson Mandela went to jail for 27 years for standing up for his country. This motivated him to a bigger purpose in life. I don’t think he personally set out to become president of his country but the opportunity presented itself from his hard work and the love he received from his people carried him there.

Martin Luther King Jr. is also another highly respected person that went to prison for about a month in Birmingham where he wrote his famous letter that called out people in the government. After his short stint in prison he went on to do more revolutionary things. Other noticeable people who changed after jail are Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Don King, Mark Wahlberg, 50 cent, don King, Martha Stewart and so many others.

I am in no form on the same level as any of those people I have listed above. However I have a story to tell. I started with this industry in 2005. With Chris Streams, Pat Myne and Mr. Pete guiding me I couldn’t go wrong. I had a great opportunity set right in front of me. After a year into this industry I was approached with being a director. After my third movie I directed I was geared to be a main director on Black Ice’s roster. Right before this took place I got locked up in a federal institution.

I was charged with conspiracy to distribute MDMA. I was facing 0-22 years in federal prison. This case was a big deal and was featured in LA Times, various magazines, and it was all over the local news. Now was I dealing ecstasy? Nope. I didn’t have to deal drugs. I had a path in porn laid for me. However I was hanging with knuckleheads that I shouldn’t have been and I got caught up. It’s easy to get caught up in the system if you have priors. Trust me.

I spent two years, two months, and 3 years probation for some shit I didn’t do. I was at MDC Los Angles for about nine months and the rest of the time I was at Terminal Island San Pedro. I didn’t get that much time due to the judge knowing I was a tax-paying citizen and didn’t live the life of a drug dealer. I can tell you this, it might sound strange but I appreciated my time in prison.

While in prison I found my true self. I can honestly say I was never into trouble but I didn’t live a life my mom would have been proud of. With my porn money I wasn’t being smart. I was spending recklessly on materialistic shit that really didn’t matter. I was caught up in the nightlife and drinking while driving. I can’t tell you how many times I drove home drunk not even remembering getting into my own bed.

In prison I got a chance to look at the life I was leading. I had so much opportunity in front of me and I didn’t realize I was about to piss it away. While being incarnated I met a great deal of people. When you look into a man’s eyes that’s never going to be free again you will take the advice that he gives you. It changed my life forever. I vowed that I would change my life and live each moment for those that I knew couldn’t be with their loved ones on the outside.

I take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way due to the many opportunities I lost. I write some of the fellas in prison to allow them to know I am doing well. It means a lot to me to know those guys are cheering me on and smile upon me. They all knew I have what it takes to not return. All they asked is for me to send them some pictures every now and then.

So my motivation comes from a deep place. I could never leave my family and friends again. I owe it to them to succeed and set an example that life after prison isn’t so bad. I’ve had to work so hard for what I have and I will continue to do so because I have a small world of people that need me around. Ask yourself, if you were facing 22 years in prison how motivated would you be to change your life?