You gotta give credit when credit is due. It wasn’t me that found Nina Elle. IT was my partner Gabe that pointed her out to me. I did some research and I was like she’s cute, she’s blonde but I don’t know her. I did promise Gabe I would arrange a meeting to meet her.

We set the meeting and after meeting Nina face to face I was impressed. Nina had something about her that made you want to know more about her. Not just her nice rack and booty but there’s a charm about her that leaves a man intrigued. Once we walked out the meeting I knew why Gabe wanted us to shoot her so bad. And about two weeks later we struck a deal.

Scene One: Nina vs. Rico strong and Rob Piper
This scene had the perfect feel, the perfect vibe and the perfect location. Nina is such a pleasure to be around and when she saw my vision for this scene she was excited. The only thing I was worried about was the guys. Rico and Rob haven’t done many scenes together so I wanted to see how this would evolve.

We get under way and everything was going great. The performers had chemistry and the lighting was great but I kept catching myself in the damn window. I didn’t know how this scene was going to play out but we were able to get it done and it was great once I watched the edited version.

Scene Two: Nina vs. Lex
Now after shooting the first scene I thought Nina still could bring something more. If you know me, you know I’m all about challenges. If I don’t challenge you then you are perfect. But since I don’t believe in perfection a challenge will be issued. I took Nina to the side and I told her that I want her to eat Lex alive. I encouraged her to show me when she’s made of and Lex was lunchmeat. To me, this was a huge challenge, but hey this is what stars are made of.

That day Lex had a toothache. I told myself this is a perfect advantage for Nina to get an edge on Lex while he’s distracted. Boy was I wrong. Lex still gave Nina that D. but Nina didn’t back down. At this moment I knew this movie would be great. This is the Nina that Gabe saw. I could wait to shoot more scenes with her.

This was a funny day. Once Nina got her makeup done we went over to Wal-Mart to go shop for wardrobe. I wanted something simple and something that she would wear. Not saying Nina is a cheap chick but everyone shops at Wal-Mart. We gather everything and as we are checking out I told the cashier that all of this stuff was for Nina’s daughter and mine. The stuff consisted of panties, bubble bath, wife beaters and accessories. Nothing a normal little girl would actually wear.

As she’s scanning the barcodes I told the lady Nina doesn’t appreciate me being a good father to our daughter. I asked the lady if she would appreciate me if she were in Nina’s shoes. Nina was losing it. Of course she couldn’t keep a straight face like myself so she walked away with tears in her eyes. I then looked at the cashier and she you see that, she just walks away because she thinks I’m a bad father. The lady looked at Nina and was like you should respect him and appreciate him, these are some great things. I looked back at her and was like ma’am I’m trying so hard and it’s so sad how she treats me.

We get out the store and we were laughing so hard. Nina had to force herself to stop because her stomach was hurting from laughter. This set the tone to the day and after laughing our ass off at that moment Nina became a friend.

Scene Three: Nina Vs. Skin
I don’t know if anyone knows this but girl girl scenes make me nervous. Reason being is it’s something that I didn’t get trained to do early in my career. So this definitely something I need to shoot more of so I can get more comfortable. But when you have Skin as one of you girls you can relax a little because she’s great.

Everything in this scene flowed so naturally. Skin and Nina were into one another. The chemistry was relaxed which is how I wanted it to be. Everything was cool on the bed but I wanted to see how things were going to go once I got the girls in the bathtub. I don’t know what it is about girls in water but it’s a turn on.

Once these girls got in the water with the fireplace going I knew the scene was going to end great. The room was warm, the water was warm and the sex was steamy. I loved how everything transpired and came together. I’m glad I paired these two together.

Scene Four: Nina and Jada vs. Sean 
I wanted this scene to have an upscale look. If you know Sean Michaels you know he has a swagger this is unmatched by male in this industry. Best dressed always. I think it has to do with him being from NY. Jada and Nina had their black dresses to match Sean so I really loved how everyone looked as if they belonged.

I didn’t want a rough scene. I wanted this scene to be sensual. I thought about twice about having Jada in this scene due to her being such an anal queen and I didn’t want the focus to be on her. We all know the fans be lovin some Jada and I didn’t want Nina to lose any shine. But I think the scene played out well and it flowed in a positive direction.

Scene Five: Nina vs. Prince
This was the scene that I was waiting for. Before Nina actually had knowledge that we were going to shoot a whole movie about her she originally chose Prince to be her 1st Ir scene. This day Prince wasn’t his normal self. Usually he’s all about business. I caught Prince stalking his pray. I know he was unfamiliar with who she was but that’s no reason not to fuck her up.

As soon as the scene got rolling these two went at it. I was impressed how Nina was able to hold herself down up against this silverback. I called Gabe as soon as the scene was done and told him Nina will make him proud.

Overall I will say Nina has been the most professional and easiest starlet I have shot in a showcase. There was no crazy demands, drama or bullshit that came from her. Nina is A1 sauce on a steak. I am proud of what we were able to capture and she is a great start to a series that’s based off our company name. Also I would like to add this is was Nina’s idea to put angel wings on the box cover. Thank You Nina for giving us something we can carry on.