IMG_6878I would like to take this time to forewarn you this will not be a friendly blog post. More informative then anything, but this is the post to set the record straight for all you bloggers, shit starters, comment posters, and whomever else that are speaking out the side of their necks.

What most of you have read on TMZ was a lie. Now I don’t expect you to believe me because you might think I would try to save myself from embarrassment but one thing about me you don’t know is, I think I’ve embarrassed myself more then anyone could. You will find this out with future blogs. Back to the matter at hand, I never put my hands on Tori Black over some damn milk. Really? If you believed that shit you must be dumb as hell. What I did do was get upset over her alcohol consumption and we got into an argument. We are human and couples have disagreements. What I did do is when she started yelling for help I pushed her ass out in the hallway and locked the door. If you are going to yell for help you can yell in the hallway. I’m guilty of that and ultimately that was what got me taken to jail because my name wasn’t on the room and I force her out of her room. I accept that and that was indeed wrong of me.

Now TMZ got this story with added drama from two suspected people. One suspect is the same character that you see on the front of the lucky charms cereal boxes but is a little darker with no pot of gold. The other suspect is the same person that was drinking with Tori and was suppose to be her bodyguard for the night but instead showing her footage of him fucking some girl in his phone because I guess he had to show off his skills. This is shit that you didn’t know. Care to know more? Keep reading.

Tori and myself were booked on a domestic charge. They asked if I wanted to write a statement against her and I said I would never do anything like that, that’s my fiancé. The cop said she wrote a statement against me trying to get me to do the same in return. I once again told him no and if she wrote a report that’s fine she has that right. I get cuffed and taken down to the station. I get in there and everyone was cool. I’ve been to jail before it ain’t no thang to me. I’m not Billy the badass but I hold my ground. I was asked if I wanted to see the clerk to bail out. The first question I asked her was if I could bail my fiancé out and the clerk told me if I had the money I could bail out the whole jail. Right then and there I paid for both of us to get out that bitch.

After I meet up with Tori in the holding cell I looked at her, she looked at me and she asked what happened. She blacked out. I explained to her what transpired and her eyes filled with tears. She apologized to me and I told her don’t worry about it. Of course I was pissed off but when my baby is crying I need to hold her and at that moment I couldn’t. I instead encouraged her to stay strong and we were going to get out because our bail was paid.

About three hours later we were reunited outside of Clark county jail. She had on a wife beater and my boxer briefs. (Even in that moment she was sexy as a muthafuckia) We jumped in a cab, went to sign our bail paperwork, and then hit Wal-Mart to get clothes. We got matching hoodies because the embarrassment was on the both of us and we didn’t want to be seen.

Security escorted us to the room where we grabbed all our shit out of the Hard Rock and went to the other side of Las Vegas. Once we were in a different area we embraced and cried together. I lit her ass up and screamed at her at the top of my lungs telling her to never get that drunk in public ever again. I don’t know whether I had good timing but it was a message I wanted to get across firmly. The next step was some intense sex we normally have. One thing about us, if we are not okay good sex changes everything back to normal.

After the dust settles on what we thought was going to stay in Vegas, Monday morning I get a phone call about being on TMZ. I look at everything and immediately Tori got on the phone to give an exclusive interview to AVN about what really happened that night. But if you think about it, what’s AVN compared to TMZ….? Nothing! So nobody really went to look at what she had to say. Once again the black guy is the big bad wolf and the white girl was the victim. Ain’t that a bitch!?! But we knew the truth.

In the end we eventually had to go back to Vegas to go to court and guess what? All charges were DROPPED. We didn’t even have to see a judge and the district attorney kindly told us we didn’t even have to show up in court. You think TMZ said anything about that? NOPE. So even if this blog doesn’t clear my name or your thoughts (which I could give a rats ass) I’m still keeping it 100 with my fiancé and myself. I still find it funny that when people Google my name that’s the first shit that comes up.

So to every person that posted something negative about me and blamed me for that night in Vegas over baby milk can kiss my natural black ass!!! (My mom said that phrase and I thought it sounded cool then and it means even more to say it now) You don’t know me and if you ever wanna step to me feel free to voice your opinion…however don’t ever think I won’t make an example out of you to give TMZ something to really talk about.  *bang-Bang*

Tori Black Exclusive AVN Interview: