streamsSo I’ve decided to start doing a person of interest blog. These people are people that help sculpt my career in the industry or helped me in an important way. I remember who made a difference in my career and I would love to share a few stories about these individuals.

First up is none other then the almighty Chris Streams. Many of you know the story of how I met Chris. Chris is the sole reason I am in this industry. He saw something in me that I guess made him want to have me on his team. I can’t thank him enough for saving my ass from Bed Bath and Beyond. There’s nothing but great things I have to say about this guy. Not only is he like a father figure to me, the guy has always made sure I stayed ahead of the game.

The advice that he’s given me still goes through my head often. I know I can always call him if I have a question or something is bothering me. Out of all the years I’ve been in this industry he’s always been a true friend. It doesn’t matter whether it’s business or personal he always reminds me that he has my back. Plus Chris ain’t afraid to tell me when I’ve fucked up on something.

I know that he’s going to kill me for sharing this story but it’s the funniest shit ever. After being in the industry for about a month Chris tells me we are going to Czech Republic. On this trip it was chris, myself, mr. pete and Mick blue. We were geared to film about 90-120 scenes in 30 days. This was mad work to be done. There was a day where Chris was filming his POV line that he does. Normally he shoots his stuff last due to him filming throughout the day. So Mr. Pete and myself wanted to play a little joke on chris.

Chris was upstairs shooting a scene so while he was shooting we told the girl that he was performing with that he likes a finger in his ass when he’s getting a blow job. The funny thing about it is Pete and myself are trying to tell this girl what Chris likes and she doesn’t understand English. So here we are giving her hand gestures and trying to explain to her the best way we could. The good thing is she got it and understood exactly what we were saying.

After Chris gets done he washes up and tells me to wrap up because he wont be long. As he walks in the room he notices that Pete and myself are giggling. I mean we were always laughing and clowning so he didn’t think much of it. About 30 mins past and Chris comes out with a strange look on his face. We ask him how was she. Chris replied, “man the blowjob was fantastic, but for some odd reason this bitch kept trying to put her finger in my ass.” He continued, “I had to stop the scene to tell her that what she was doing was not okay but she was sold on me liking it and kept trying!” By the time he said that Pete and myself were in tears on the floor laughing our asses off. Chris didn’t realize until he really thought about why we were laughing. Chris turned bright red and said, you guys are come cold motherfuckers.

Not only would I like to thank Chris Streams for being the reason I’m in this industry but I would like to really let him know if it weren’t for him I don’t know where I would be. Thanks for changing my life and giving this kid out the ghetto a chance to do something people only dream of. Also that trip to Czech was probably the most fun that I’ve had in my life.

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