IMG_2313It’s funny how life works sometimes. I’m a firm believer of things happen for a reason. I was supposed to be in this industry. I was meant to spend two years of my life in jail. I was supposed to work for Jaysin.

I can say out of all of the people that I have been around in the industry Jaysin is by far the most unique. Where do I start when it comes to talking about this phenomenon? Besides Chris Streams and Richard Avery, there is nobody else that has really intrigued my curiosity on how these individuals think. What makes Jaysin think of the shit that he does? I think weed and a broad childhood imagination are the main factors.

Jaysin was looking for an assistant to help him out for a shoot. Scott Hancock mentioned me to Jaysin. The rest was history. I’ve never heard of Jaysin before so I didn’t know what I signed up for. Scott knew right off the bat and warned me about the adventures ahead. Scott also told me that Jaysin was a true director that cares about his product and he was the newest director under Evil Angel. Fuck what he else Scott was saying, all I heard was Evil Angel.

Evil Angel has always been a fixture in my mind from Chris Streams telling me that was the company we needed to work for. Chris always told me, “Evil is the elite of the elite.” Since I was new to the business I didn’t know the difference between New Sensations to Red Light. (Both companies I’ve worked for) To have the chance to work for someone who represents Evil Angel was going to be very interesting.

Right from the first day I knew Jaysin wasn’t a normal director. The way he shoots his camera, takes pretty girls and communicates to performers is different from others. Jaysin presented me a whole new world of gonzo porn. Of course I called Chris to ask him about Jaysin. Chris told me to pay attention to what he does because he shoots some amazing shit.

When I first met Jaysin I noticed that he was soft spoken. Jay didn’t really say much before, during or after the scene. I would crack jokes to try to break the ice but no avail. I can honestly say I didn’t know whether or not I was going to be invited to work for him again because I couldn’t read if I was doing a great job or a shitty one. After we shot our first scene I remember receiving a phone call from Scott saying Jaysin wanted to bring me on as his permanent assistant. Scott told me that he loved my work and that he loved the BTS that I shot for him.

I couldn’t wait to shoot for Jay again because every scene he shot is much different from the next. When the day did come HOLY SHIT…I remember we were shooting Kristina Rose. Jay wanted Kristina Rose to put a ball in her butt. Okay, not a big deal…No but the BALL GOT STUCK. Kristina and myself started to panic a little. Here comes jay strutting in with a grin and he’s like, “don’t worry I got this.” He’s working his finger in and cant get a grip inside her butthole. I’m sitting there sweating like a muthafuckia because I’m on probation and if this chick has to go to the hospital and the cops are called I’m doomed. I can picture it now, “What you in for?” “I helped a director put a ball in a chicks butthole and it got stuck!” Funny I know but it’s not when that could have yo ass locked up in the twin towers.

Eventually we were able to get the ball out using a spoon used to mix eggs. Trust me when I say it, I can’t make this shit up. Kristina was relieved and I stopped sweating because there would be no jail time for this turn of events. Hahahaha. Since that moment I knew that it wouldn’t be the last time some chick would have a ball stuck in her ass. Read my Freak of the Month featuring Jada Stevens to learn about the blue ball. Hahaha.

I can honestly say I love working for Jaysin. There’s no other director in this industry that does the wild and crazy shit like him. I mean there are those that try but nobody comes close. Jaysin goes to the edge of every cliff known to others to be dangerous and pisses off of it. Not only is this man super fucking strange, I can honestly say Jaysin is the director that enhanced my career. I wanted to go by the name “Sicko.” Jaysin gave me a devilish grin and started coming up with all these things I could do. I had to calm him down and said, “Jay I will go to jail if I did that shit.” We laughed and agreed that I should find another name.

Jaysin was the first one to give me the stamp of approval on the name MimeFreak and it’s meaning. I would tell Jay all of my ideas and he’s actually used some. When you have a porn guru like Jaysin use your idea you know it’s a good one. Jay got to the point to where we would bounce ideas around. My opinion is valid to him and when I bring something to the table he listens to me.

I have Jaysin to thank for really allowing me to discover the type of porn that I really want to shoot. Jaysin has created something in me that I don’t think I would’ve found. When Jaysin heard of my directing gig over at Elegant Angel he gave me a hug and smiled and said, “It’s Your Time!” Jaysin knew of all the things that I’ve wanted to do and how I was going to do it. But what you guys don’t know is the true side of MimeFreak is yet to come. To be continued…