I will never walk around with my head held high as if I didn’t get a helping hand in my career. I wanted to continue this series of pointing out the people that actually played a role in my career.

The first time I worked for Mick Blue was for “Meet the fuckers”. He hired me as a production assistant. Mick gave me an opportunity to get in on the fun with the bts camera. If I remember correctly this is his debut movie for zero tolerance. I was excited for him due to him working for the company so much he was considered to be a contract guy. To witness him finally getting his shot at directing a full movie was a great moment.

585979Mick Blue was the first to hire me on as a full time videographer. If it weren’t for him I don’t know if anyone would’ve brought me on. It wasn’t that I lacked a skill; it was only a few whom could take a risk if I trashed a scene that was expensive. Mick watched my camera work closely and gave me pointers that really allowed me to grow. At that time we were shooting for Zero Tolerance, 3rd Degree, and Elegant Angel.

Mick Blue also heard me when I spoke about ideas that I had. We had the most fun coming up with ideas for movies like Stripper Grams. I don’t think I ever made a movie that was so damn funny in all my time in porn. I have Mick Blue to thank for believing in me and giving me all the opportunities that he did. I’m forever grateful for everything he’s taught me over the years I have known him.