Mr PeteI remember the first time I actually met Pete. I was forewarned about how ghetto this dude was. Casey who was the production manager at the time said Pete was probably blacker then I was. I laughed because you know I’m thinking this is going to be some ghetto as brotha from the hood. When Pete walked in I thought to myself, wait a damn minute, this dude is white. Hahaha.

It didn’t take me long to connect with this dude. We immediately started clowning about where he was raised and basketball. Pete said that he could ball and I wanted to see if this was true. I will explain when happened with that a little later in the story. Chris Streams told me that Pete was a solid guy and he was right. Pete and myself grew to become friends after the day we met. When I say friends, I mean friends. His son comes and spends the night at my house when he’s in town and he calls me uncle.

One thing I can say about Pete is he’s always kept it 100 with me. I appreciate him guiding me the way he has. It was Pete that gave me my first shot as a performer. Pete is like that older brother that talks shit out of love but challenges you. I asked him for a shot to perform and he gave it to me. But let me explain what this son of a bitch did to me. This dude pairs me up with Sophie Dee…Oh yea sounds good right? Yea it was good until he told me the scene breakdown.

The scene was going to start off with me in a dog collar with a chain. Not only was I told I would be wearing this get up but He added that I was going to be licking water out of a dog bowl. I’m thinking this dude is joking. Yea Right! So we get to set and he brakes out everything that he said that he would. I’m like I can’t believe that he’s going to do this to me but whatever I gots to get down with the get down. The scene starts and he tells Sophie to step on me. Pete is trying to keep from laughing because here’s his big homie on all fours with a collar on him butt ass naked. Once I stood up he was shocked that my cock was rock hard and I was ready to go. I handled that scene like a champ.

After we were done I sat there looking at him as he told me that he was surprised that I made it through the scene. I can’t say I killed it because it was my first time, but for it being my first time I think I handled myself real well. Chris Streams was there and he said I did great. If I failed Chris and Pete would’ve had a field day with me.

Pete was the first person to allow me to run his production for him. I had my first production manager job through him. He sat me down and explained how everything worked and how I needed to always be professional due to me being new and not really knowing how to deal with agents. Pete was also the person who really got my name out there to work for other companies. One thing I can say about Pete is he really told me to get what I was worth. He gave me the real game of how this industry works and how loyalty is spread thin.

Now when it comes to basketball Pete does his thang. But I will never forget the first time we played head up. We were in Czech republic balling on some bullshit astro turf. But when you love to ball and you haven’t played you will play on anything. So we playing a little 21 and this dude is trash talking me because he’s winning. I didn’t want to go ham on the guy but he struck a nerve. Once that happened it was over. I started going to the hole dunking on him and posting him up and really giving him the business to the point he got frustrated. All I did was return the favor to the shit he started. After that I don’t recall him ever really wanting to talk shit to me on the court again. Hahahaha

Pete really got the stamp of approval when I went to jail. He put money on my books and came to visit me. Pete told me he would do whatever to make sure I was back on my feet. Once I came home he was there like I never left. Pete has been in my corner ever since day one. We have done some funny shit and that’s my brother from another mother foe life. I remember one time I drove 80 mph on the streets to come fight some dudes in target because Pete was out numbered. I get there and Pete is laughing saying the guys left but there I am looking like a maniac turnt up vol 10….Pete is a character in his own lane. Hate him or love him he named himself Mr. Pete so when you say his name you have to say the MR first.