I’m a people pleaser. I go out of my way to try to assist anyone that has a problem. Whether it be family, friends or plain ol’ strangers. I’ve lost a great deal of friends and family members due to death. With knowledge of that I felt I was alone at some key moments in my life. While experiencing these things I told myself as a young boy I would never turn my back on someone that needs a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, or anything else I could lend.

For those that know me I bring that same mentality to the adult industry. I listen to the starlets, the guys, and the fans. It’s hard for me not to respond to those that have taken the time to tweet to me or write me something on a public form. Even when someone has something nasty to say I allow him or her their opinion and we can agree to disagree. This day in age more people have the confidence to speak on public forms rather then in person.

Now. Since I have been in this business I have been introduced to all types of people. I can honestly say I have come across more positive people then I have been around negative. I give credit to the guys that brought me in the business to guide me with how to conduct yourself within this industry. With any environment you have bad seeds that you can pinpoint without being judgmental. The people I’m referring to be the ones that can’t get along with others, have a bad reputation, and feel as if the world should be at their feet. My opinion of these certain type of people I feel suffer from an insecurity issue from within. I still feel obligated to try to be someone that can help and be something different to try to understand.

When it comes to getting along with people I have about an 85% rate of being able to strike a conversation with anyone. I make new friends constantly and everywhere I go I always run into someone I know. People always remember nice, kind and memorable people. You wouldn’t take your time to remember someone that was nasty to you and approach them with a smile right? Hell no.

Being in this industry for ten years I have built a great reputation for working hard and earning my position. I’ve witness many people come and go. What I’ve learned is the strong survives. Most of the guys that I was around during my start in the industry, about 70% of those people are still around. These guys are professional, strong, and creative. They have withered the storm and survived the changes we have been faced with that have altered this industry.

I will remind you all that I am human; I’m far from perfect. I will add that I will always help anyone that is willing to help himself or herself. I constantly tell my wife that I’m at my best when I’m helping others. That’s a gift that I have and I will never let it go. After being told that I care too much about too many things I will forever care because someone has to right?

In closing I will say that it’s times like this that I have learned a very valuable lesson in what life really means when you are able to do positive things for others. The feeling is so rewarding and it’s an honor to be able to touch so many lives with the little that I do. Thank You for accepting my “positive light!”