mf_slider2ndWith much further a due the Second BOOTY is none other then; Maddy O’Reilly!!!  Now if you have been following Maddy since she started in the industry, her BOOTY came from out of no where.

Maddy was selected fifth overall in our Booty, Cheeks and Cakes blog contest.  I’m not surprised at the number she was ranked due to her being known as a SLUT rather then a BOOTY girl.

What did take place during this scene was her BOOTY being penetrated by that dude Jovan Jordan. Maddy admit being scared of having this dudes cock (that’s the size of a baby’s leg) in her BOOTY. I must say I was VERY IMPRESSED.

I didn’t doubt Maddy but I did warn her how big Jovan cock is… with a few minutes to breathe this SLUT took Jovan’s manhood with ease.  I sat there will my jaw on the floor.  When you witness this scene I hope you enjoy it as much as I did… Maddy has proven once again why she’s in contention of POTY.

THIRD BOOTY…. To Be Continued….

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